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  • Hey Hey…

    What’s the URL for your site?

    Happy to take a look-see.

    Not a 404 error, but admin access problem.
    I’m not sure what to do next and have red eyes from reading forums. I tried installing WordPress with 1-click to my MediaTemple hosting account, my Domain is thru GoDaddy, and someone created a website for our nonprofit on Wix. We are cancelling Wix as of the end of May and instead I want to create a WordPress template website.

    The problem came up with the 1-click install. I clicked on finish installing, except it never asked for email and username, nor did it give me a username and password to access it.
    It just loaded our current flashbased website in another tab window.

    If I enter or …. /login I get sent to !!!

    How in the world am I supposed to get into the WordPress Administration panel screens or what to I do next? please desperate! I’m a volunteer for our nonprofit.
    ~Walrus Tooth

    Hey…no sweat. I see what’s happening here.

    So, this is a DNS issue. Looks like you are still pointing your domain name to the WIX account and NOT your new mediaTemple hosting account.

    Get into the godaddy account and point the domain to your new Media Temple account.

    Breathe…it’s all good. 🙂

    I’m breathing… currently waiting for access permission to verify DNS pointing, but I think they may already be pointing to Media Temple. If ns1, ns2 are already pointing in the right direction, is there another step?

    If ns1, ns2 are already pointing in the right direction, is there another step?

    These are the nameservers.

    You want to point the @www address to your MediaTemple IP.

    This is handled in the DNS Zone Manager.

    You’ll need to find out what the IP for your MediaTemple host is.

    I’ll keep my eye on this thread…let me know how you do.

    site is

    site is

    Yeah, you got something going on with the freehostia setup.

    You need to start here and sort out why your site isn’t displaying. Pretty sure it’s a DNS issue. That landing page you are seeing is generated by FreeHostia. They call it a “skeleton page”…like a parking spot for your website until you get it up and running.

    Freehostia has got to have some sort of support ticket system. This is all on their side.

    okay, thanks, it may be while as I wait for Domain access.

    I found the DNS Zone and changed the IP addresses.

    Thank you TM, changing the IP addresses worked! I’m in now. Now I have to figure out how to actually work the Admin panel. LOL!


    Happy bloggin’…

    I’m having a similar issue. I had my domain name registered at godaddy pointing to a tumblr site and I moved it to asmallorange. I tried setting up WP in a one click install, but I’m getting a blank page. It took some doing, but I was finally able to authorize the transfer so now my godaddy account shows it to be no longer there. I’m just getting a blank page when I try to access the WP admin panel. Any ideas?

    I’m just getting a blank page when I try to access the WP admin panel. Any ideas?


    What’s the URL for your site?

    You have a problem with your domain registration.

    I’m not clear from your post if you moved your domain FROM godaddy to somewhere else or if you just changed a setting.

    The reason you’re getting a blank page is because your domain isn’t resolving to an IP. Talk to Godaddy…or to asmallorange.

    One of these will help you figure out the next step. This is NOT a WordPress issue though.


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