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  • Hello everybody.

    I have a huge problem. I have a website and I played around in Website X5 and uploaded the content to FTP. However, the software froze and after that, I coud not reach either my website nor admin page. I cleared Cache, i tried different browsers, I deleted the files I added in http://FTP... There should be nothing missing at least i did not delete anything physically. When the software froze, then when the problem started.

    Plus, my website says this:
    Warning: opendir(C:\domains\\wwwroot\admin\/lang) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in C:\domains\\wwwroot\lib\translation.functions.php on line 88

    Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in C:\domains\\wwwroot\lib\translation.functions.php on line 94

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\domains\\wwwroot\lib\translation.functions.php:94) in C:\domains\\wwwroot\index.php on line 254

    And in my Admin page is says error 404.

    I really dont know what to do. I didnt have backed up original files, because when i started saving them on my PC, it crashed. Please help me

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    However, the software froze and after that,

    Can you elaborate please?

    Can you elaborate please?

    Well I was in the Website x5 in the fTP part. before copying the new website to my FTP folder,i wanted to back up one of the files already there (wwwroot). the pc got slow, i couldnt stop the downloading. it all froze and i had to force it to stop… after that my site didnt work

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