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  • I started having problems on the site, categories going to 404 pages, some pages not being able to be accessed after installing this plugin. After receiving many emails about this, I uninstalled and deleted the plugin and put the .htaccess back to a generic wordpress one. The site was accessible. But now, the login appears through wp-login, but it doesn’t redirect to anywhere, and I am not logged on. I can’t access wp-admin. I have tried both login and wp-login, admin and wp-admin. Even registering as a new user goes nowhere. When I try any of these, my browser screen is just white, does not go anywhere on my site. Basically my site is just sitting there. I tried restoring the backup I had taken before tweaking Better Security, but that is just MySql…lost just a couple posts, had nothing to do with the set up of the site.

    Any help??

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  • Are you able to review error logs from your server? That would be the place to start. If your on a shared host ask your provider to assist you in looking at the error logs to see what they can find.

    If they are not able to help you solve the issue but can provide the error from the log post it here for further review.

    There isn’t an error log on my public html file. There is one in my wp-admin file, but the last error was before I uninstalled and deleted BWPS.

    To get to the error log you would either go through your control panel (Plesk, Webmin, ect.) or if you dont have a control panel you could access it through SSH (if you have access to that). If you are on shared hosting you can ask your hosting provider where to find it. If your hosting is shared hosting through godaddy let me know and I can walk you through how to get an error log.

    I use cPanel and can access it. There aren’t any error logs there under the public html file, only the one in the folder wp-admin. There isn’t any error logs giving me any errors since 9/15…which is before I had the problems of everything throwing a 404 error beyond my home page.

    * which is WHEN I had the problems of everything throwing a 404 error beyond my home page.

    is this what your cpanel looks like ->

    If so the error log your reviewing did you get to it by clicking the error log button in shown in the image?

    If it is indeed 404’s that your getting did you have permalinks set?

    Your .htaccess file could be to blame. You could try the following.

    1st and most importantly backup your .htaccess file.

    2. try deleting the htaccess file and then try accessing your admin section.

    You could also try deleting the contents of the htaccess file and replacing with this

    @cindyp looky what I found ->

    If I had to take a guess I’d say either your permalinks are messed up or set to default.

    Let me know if you are able to login!

    thank you, supawiz for trying to help!

    Yes, that is what my cPanel looks like. And no, there are no errors when I click on the Error Log on that screen. I also searched the files for “error log” and found the one in wp-admin.

    I had thought fixing my .htaccess (because it still contained everything from WPBS)would do the trick and I had already changed it, but it still does not work.

    I can ACCESS the log in, but it won’t let me log in. I get a white browser screen like this

    I tried registering a new user and got the same screen.

    I just tried logging in as someone who doesn’t exist and was given a lockout message from Wordfence, which is supposed to happen. I’m getting my emails from Wordfence saying the administrator logged in, but I can’t access anything.

    I tried deactivating all plugins through phpMyAdmin and then tried accessing wp-admin. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at public_html/wp-config.php:94) in /public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 875 which is header(“Location: $location”, true, $status);

    Frustrated, but willing to try anything!

    When you disabled all the plugins via phpmyadmin did you get that error site wide or just in the login area?

    Also if you get a chance download your wp-config.php and see whats on line 94.

    something else you could try….

    First Backup your site (complete backup files and database).

    Make sure everything is backed up!

    Once backup is complete:
    Download your wp-config.php to a folder on your desktop.

    Download a fresh copy of wordpress from

    grab the wp-config-sample.php and put it on your desktop.

    rename it to wp-config.php

    open it for editing in notepad++, notepad or your favorite text editor.
    open the wp-config.php file from your website in the same editor.

    Copy only the following from the old wp-config.php to the new one;

    Database Name
    Database Username
    Database Password
    Database Host
    Database Charset (if different from default)
    Database Collate type (If different from default)
    table prefix (if different from default.

    Once you have copied these over (typeing them in is perfered over copying) save the new wp-config.php and upload to your site.

    This will purge any changes wpbs may have made to your wp-config.php.

    After this is complete verify you site is working and then check to see if you can log in.

    If site is inaccessable record any errors and upload the old wp-config.phh.

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