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  • I’m assuming someone was trying to hack into my site but now I can’t access my admin area!

    I just keep getting this message:

    WordPress administrator area access disabled temporarily due to widespread brute force attacks.

    What can I do??? My resume is on there and I’m applying for jobs and when I got onto my server, I see that jobs came looking!!!! OMG I hope they didn’t see this but it looks like they did.

    I effin’ hate hackers with a passion. Go hack something worth hacking!!

    Please help me gain access back!

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  • If your host is restricting you, there’s really nothing you can do but wait. This is a severe attack and you can look at the next 100 entries here on the forum to see all the others with the same issue.

    Who hosts your site? It seems a lot of hosts were targeted if reports can be believed. In any case, the trouble will be felt by everyone using hosting services as the ones not affected are busy warding off possible attacks. It will go away soon.

    I use webhostingpad.

    So it’s my web host that’s blocking it?

    So frustrating… thanks for the responses… sigh…. I wish all hackers diarrhea. LOL

    I wish all hackers diarrhea. LOL

    One of the best ‘wishes’ I came across in recent times!
    BTW, things are expected to be OK soon, possibly by the time you read these reports:

    Hi I seem to have a similar problem. Am I allowed to continue this thread or should I start my own?

    This is the case: my website is not connecting. Neither can I access my admin page. Both links end up getting the ‘Problem loading Page’ notice for more than 2 hours now.
    This is the official website for an annual Jazz Festival in Switzerland that takes place every April. The festival will start on April 15, next Monday and it seems like its crashing! The site is the main information source for the events. Is this a job by hackers? How do I repair the situation. My host is TotalChoice Hosting. Should I contact them? I’d appreciate some help to restore the website back to its working condition asap.
    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, you should contact your hosts – there’s really nothing we can do in situations like this. The site does seem to be working okay, which is consistent with the problems we’ve been seeing all day.

    This is the case: my website is not connecting.

    It comes up for me just fine, so maybe things are back to normal.

    Thank you WPyogi,
    I have created a ticket at the hosting company. Please keep us readers updated on how the problems are getting solved.

    Hi leejosepho, I still cannot access my own website though I’ve cleared the cache. Is it possible that someone had blocked only my access? Is it possible to block the owner if a third party had the login details to the C-panel site?

    I use hosting of Godaddy. Since 8 hours, I could not login my wp-admin and with error
    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): on Google Chrome Browser.

    Someone know about this problem? Please help!


    Unfortunately, doesn’t have any more information than you do – you need to contact your hosting companies.

    If your host is doing some blocking for some reason, maybe that is just for certain countries? I have no idea. From here in the States, I was just able to get to Fritz’ “about” page.

    @angel_incognito: Please forgive our temporary hijack of your thread, and I hope your problem is soon resolved.

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