Canonical URLs shouldn't be default - it breaks too many things (2 posts)

  1. raymor
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The new canonical URL "feature" sure does break
    a LOT of things. It breaks any site which uses
    cookies, for example, since cookies for http://www.site.com
    won't be sent back to site.com. It breaks PHP
    sessions for the same reason. It breaks stadard
    basic authentication, as a browser which has saved
    the password for http://www.site.com won't send it to
    site.com or vice versa. I could go on, but I think
    you get the point. In my opinion this should definitely
    not be the default setting. Generally, anyone who comes
    to us with WordPress problems, 80% of the time
    the problem traces back to this canonical URL
    misfeature. As an optional feature or plugin, fine,
    but the default setting shouldn't be one that breaks
    so many things on so many sites in ways that are hard
    for the typical webmaster to diagnose.

  2. Canonical URLs are the default and indeed should be that way, for search engine optimization reasons.

    Cookies for http://www.site.com not sending to site.com is not an issue, because canonical URLs will force site.com to redirect to http://www.site.com. That is, in fact, the whole point of them.

    And frankly, www is deprecated and should not be used anymore anyway.

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