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    Semrush is reporting broken canonical links on three of my AMP pages, including this one.

    I understand what a broken canonical link is, but how do I fix it? I don’t see a way in the AMP plugin.

    I just checked the HTML, and the canonical link loads correctly.

    I’m using the ?amp URL structure, if that’s a factor.

    Can anyone help?



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @akubrin,

    Thanks for contacting us; I have checked your website. The canonical link points to the same version; it should be AMP to non-AMP and verse-and-versa. The AMP plugin will let the SEO plugin manage the canonical link if some action is applied by it.

    In your case, you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, so you should check how the Yoast plugin is mounting the canonical link. I would check with Yoast support about it.

    If you need further investigation, could you share your UUID?

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    Hi @fellyph,
    I’m puzzled by this report. When I view the source code for those AMP pages, I find working canonical links pointing to the original, non-AMP versions of the pages. In other words, these errors appear to be false. It’s also strange that only three pages would have these errors, since the Yoast plugin uses the same setting to create canonical links for all the AMP pages on my site.
    I just wrote to the Semrush support team to request some clarification. I’ll also check the Yoast SEO support forum and file a post there if necessary. If all else fails, I’ll get back to you with the UUID and other appropriate info.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Hi @akubrin,

    I have tested this URL, for example:


    The non-AMP version is pointing to the non-AMP version when it should be the AMP version url(this case it will trigger an error)
    non-amp version

    But AMP version is fine
    amp version

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    Hi @fellyph,
    Now I’m beginning to understand. If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that to avoid these errors, the following two conditions must both be true:

    • All AMP pages have canonical links to non-AMP pages.
    • All non-AMP pages have canonical links to AMP pages.

    Is this understanding correct?
    If it is, perhaps the Yoast support forum can help me find the correct setting. I have looked in the Yoast interface for an appropriate setting; I didn’t find one, but perhaps I overlooked something.
    Thanks again.



    For what it is worth I discovered this is also true in AHREFs – it reports a non-matching canonical but when checked everything behaves correctly. I don’t think this is an issue.

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    @fellyph, @culturalistpress,
    Something is happening, but I’m not sure what.
    Just today, I got a report from Google Search Console.
    It says that for two URLs, the AMP versions have invalid structured data:

    But the canonical links seem to be correct. In both cases, the AMP version is pointing to the non-AMP version, and vice versa.
    What do you think?

    Hi @akubri,

    I have tested your pages, two links the first one is fine and the second one has an issue with a missing image.

    AMP plugins only generate the structure data if there is no SEO plugin installed; if you have Rank Math or Yoast, they will be responsible for managing it. In case of a missing image, it usually is taken from the feature image; try to add a featured image and test the page again.

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    Hi @fellyph,

    What it came down to, then, was setting a featured image for the original page. I did that, then tested both the AMP and the non-AMP versions. Both passed the test.

    Thanks for your help.


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