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  1. Stahn
    Posted 5 years ago #

    My main site is located at http://another.intheuniverse.com.ar.
    I configured Multisites as described on Wiki and WP instructions.

    My second site should be configured at http://trickbox.another.intheuniverse.com.ar , but nothing shows up.

    Sorry to not being able to provide more information now, it's just that I don't know what to look for, I'm very new at this.

  2. Does your webhost support nested subdomains like that? They may not and you'll have to use SubFolders.

    Actually, I'm not sure if WordPress supports it.

    @andrea_r? Where is ya!?

  3. Yeah, WP will do it. IF you have wildcard subdomains set up at the right location.

    Did you do that part? :)

    (hint: if you're on a shared host, you can't. If you have no idea what a wildcard subdomain is, you missed a whole paragraph in the instructions)

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