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    I have the latest version of WordPress 5.8.1, and the latest version of All in One Calendar installed. I am unable to change months (if I click Next or Prev, there is a blank screen). I tried deactivating all other plugins and reverting to the Twenty Twenty One theme, but the issue still occurs. Our PHP version is 7.3.

    I have submitted a support ticket from your website as well. This is an urgent issue for us since many visitors come to our site daily. Can you please help? Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • skisnkeys


    @maddogprod Thanks much for this. I have already sent a note to my client suggesting it may be time to move to another calendar. I am not pleased with the fact that time.ly has not followed up and responded to either thread on this issue. Very unprofessional. Please let me know what happens.

    @skisnkeysgmailcom – The plot thickens though I’m not sure what to make of it. On a hunch, I installed the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. I have a few sites that use older themes and/or plugins that are no longer supported or updated that need this.

    – With it enabled and using the old version of jQuery Migrate, I can go to the other months. But the calendar months are empty (or almost completely empty, they may show one event).

    – When I use Next/Previous to go back to the current month, it’s empty too.

    The plugin is showing the error jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated related to the file:


    I’m not sure what this means or if it means much, to be honest. But it’s showing there is some kind of jQuery error that’s not showing up in the dev console.

    Tossing it out there in case it means something to someone.

    This in from someone at Time.ly support (for what it’s worth):

    We have recently launched an entire new plugin for WordPress – we hope you enjoy the new looks and features of it.

    Regarding your issue with the old plugin, we will certainly forward your issue to our Dev Team for reviewing.

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    @maddogprod Thanks for that. I’m a little confused though. When i go to the plugin page it says version 3.0. Is this just bad housekeeping and it is a new version?


    Thanks for the insight.

    @skisnkeysgmailcom You’re confused? How do you think I feel? (:})

    When I set it up on a dev site I installed the newest plugin. It says it’s 3.0. The one on the GoDaddy Managed WP site that isn’t working says it’s 3.0. The only difference I can tell is the account I logged into at time.ly. The one not working is an old legacy one apparently and the new site I created a new account (since I couldn’t use the same one on two sites). So it *appears* that the difference is based on which kind of account you have set up at time.ly.

    I think.

    Right now I’m hoping to hear back from support about how easy it is to migrate all events, settings, etc to the new version and if it’s simple and painless (which it should be) I’ll switch to a new account and be done with this. The only fear is I think they’ll have to have a paid account because of the 100 events limitation.


    I resolved the issue on my website with Timely calendar but it was not an elegant solution. I got rid of Managed WordPress Hosting and reverted to Economy Linux hosting with cPanel. GoDaddy wasn’t a great help but did provide some assistance. Besides being cheaper, the site runs fine and the calendar has all of its original functionality. Hope this helps someone.



    @maddogprod I decided to work around the problem for now since I am in the holiday crunch. I subscribed to the calendar using google calendar and embedded it in the site using responsive options to switch between mobile and desktop.


    It’s not exactly the style but it functions fine for the time being. After the holiday I will try the new account approach. Thanks for the feedback and Gobble Gobble!

    I tried again with GoDaddy and the same story – it is the plugin. Nothing has changed on our side… I did check the debug logs and see this error: [19-Nov-2021 19:23:58 UTC] All-in-One Event Calendar: iconv(): Wrong charset, conversion from UTF-8' toUTF-8//IGNORE’ is not allowed @ /var/www/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/http/response/helper.php:66 #8
    Looking into this but thought I would share this clue.

    I also ran into this problem being on GoDaddy Managed WordPress. I ended up switching to a Google calendar and using the ICS Calendar plugin to feed all the calendar views I needed.

    If you are managing the calendar for a not-for profit this is a nice free alternative. In some ways, I prefer the default presentation over the All-in-One event calendar. If you need more customization, there is a reasonable lifetime license for the Pro version.

    Moving the calendar entries over was fairly straightforward. I subscribed to the time.ly calendar I had set up on my website. I created a separate google calendar for each of my categories. I then copied each event from the feed into the corresponding Google calendar. Using shortcodes, you can combine any number of Google calendars into a single view so this simulates the category filter.

    This method is a better fit for the skating club I support. The google account belongs to the club and can easily be updated by a volunteer.

    In fact, when I first installed the All-in-One event calendar plugin we used to use a Google ics feed. Then they made it a paid feature so I had to move all the events into WordPress!

    I just heard back from Time.ly support. They didn’t address this problem directly but said they’ve moved to the new SaaS version and “the old plugin is deprecated.” They gave me instructions on how to properly migrate to the new version which I think has some bumps since it’s really about migrating events and doesn’t seem to cover categories, styling, etc. But it’s come down to either that or another calendar plugin.

    Here are their instructions:

    In order to update your calendar solution, you will need to export the data from your current plugin. You can download it by clicking on the Subscribe button on the lower right corner of your calendar, right-clicking to copy the link to another page and downloading the ICS file to your computer.

    If you wish to use the new calendar solution within your WP environment, you need to uninstall and delete the old plugin and re-install the new Timely plugin (download it from https://time.ly/pricing/). Otherwise, Journey has its dedicated dashboard web app for the Free Event Calendar Software to add your new events.

    After updating to the new solution, you can migrate the events from your old calendar to Journey by going to the Journey Dashboard HERE > Import Events > Upload > adding the ICS file.

    That’s what I know.

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    First, thank you all for your comments and sorry for being silent in this forum. While our Dev team was looking into the problem, we were addressing individual users’ questions directly from the company’s official support channels.

    It seems the issue is limited to GoDaddy managed WordPress websites that have our “old platform” plugin installed. We’ve tested the “new platform” plugin with a GoDaddy hosted website, and were not able to replicate the behaviour.

    To clarify, on July 7, 2021, we announce the launch of version 3.0.0. of our plugin, where we updated the PHP to 7.2, and created a new event management platform for new plugin installs. Users who had the “old platform” plugin installed before that date stayed in the “old platform”, and the only thing that changed was the PHP version. Users who downloaded and installed the plugin after that date got the plugin with the “new platform”. The new platform is more modern and user friendly, and has much more features than the old platform.

    So, currently, we have two versions of our plugin running at the same time. Slowly and as per user request, we are migrating calendars and events from the old platform to the new platform, to ensure data is migrated correctly. Whoever wants to stay in the old platform can stay, however, we are not planning to support it for long since we are focusing our efforts on the new platform.

    If you experience the issue reported in this thread, we recommend you to move your events to the “new platform”. We would be more than happy to help you with that. Just contact us through this FORM, and we will guide you through the process.

    Timely Customer Success Team

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