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  • I’m already logged in to my site and .com account, *already logged in*, can nav to gravitar and other blogs no problem.

    Email arrives with special annual report, nice fireworks graphic.

    When I try the link to see the report it doesn’t refuse, just doesn’t respond either, goes to login page that won’t work. Using other passwords gives me the refusal, using correct password just gives me no movement at all.

    When I go to reset password it wants a new long one, so I’m guessing this is risible social engineering on’s part. Don’t protect my data by design (plenty of plugins to use all at once and debug to get that done), but do make me use a long password for an account I didn’t want.

    Tried logging out, can’t see report, but can log back in to no problem with the weak password I’ve used for years.

    Best part; no link to annual report in my account dashboard. Nope, gotta click the special non-operative link in the email. Only way.

    Does anyone actually test anything at WP these days?

    Oh, and we improved the stats page so that you can scroll for 5 feet to read the same stats you could read before without scrolling at all. Hello senior citizens! This is the stats page for you! Simple, useless, and impressively large considering the paucity of content.

    Yes, I know this forum is for .org, but now we’re integrating them. One big happy family.

    I’ve been using WP since the early days, and the sweet spot is behind us, around milepost 3.8, we’re in monetising land now.

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