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  • Resolved Terry J


    Really liking the Grids plugin, great job on making it easy and light weight!

    Having issue though. If use the “Classic” (under formatting) block and return to a page to edit, get this every time:

    Cannot even fix by clicking resolve or convert the html?

    SO, how can I use the classic block?

    Using theme “Page Builder Framework” and PHP7.3 with latest WP version.


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  • Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Hi Terry,

    thanks for reporting this! We’re now checking the issue, as we’ve been able to replicate it in our local install.

    We’ll work on this, and release an update as soon as we find out where the issue is.

    Thanks so much for giving Grids a try, we really appreciate your feedback! 🙂

    Glad you could replicate based on my feedback, makes me warm and fuzzy:)

    Looking forward to fix, got a project on hold since really want to use Grids!

    Thank you much.

    Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Hi Terry,

    we’ve checked the issue, and I think we’ve discovered a bug in the Editor, rather than in Grids. If you attempt to do the exact same thing with WordPress Core Columns block, you’ll get the same error.

    I believe it is related to the output of the Classic Editor block. For now, I suggest that you use the HTML block, to accomplish what you’re after.

    In the meanwhile, it’ll be our care to report this bug to the WordPress folks, in the hope that they release a fix for this bug in an upcoming version.

    If I get some sort of reply from them, I’ll update you here 😉

    Thanks for detailed information. Sad that it is WP side, may take months to get fixed, lol.

    Unfortunately, in our project the end users are younger kids and using the HTML block is not really an option.

    Thank you again.

    @texasbiz Just tested this using Advance Custom Fields WYSIWYG editor in the new ACF Blocks implementation with Grid and it works. The issue is ACF is less of a consumer plugin and requires some development knowledge as well as editing theme files – therefore a child or custom theme is required. So if you are working with a developer or you are comfortable with development this is your solution.

    The classic editor bug in columns is a known issue I am really hoping this gets resolved.

    Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Thank you Flexer so much for chiming in, I didn’t think of ACF as a possible solution to this issue! 🙂

    We hope this gets resolved as well!

    Since this is not a Grids issue, though, I’ll mark this ticket as “resolved”.

    Thank you @flexer for taking time to explain, much appreciated.

    I am the head bottle washer and developer, lol. Helping on project for low income summer school (kids) project.

    Will have to lookup “Advance Custom Fields WYSIWYG editor” plugin, not familiar with it. Not sure how to get started with it, but once I find it, pretty sure can hack something together.

    Thanks again.

    @andg ; Yes this is not a Grids Issue.
    @texasbiz ACF. Just a warning this ain’t a regular plugin it’s made for developers. So to save you pulling your hair, I am not sure I would recommend it, but give it a shot. But make sure

    1) You have a child theme
    2) you will need to edit your theme files using FTP NOT the admin editor you can mess up your site.

    I feel bad now for bringing this up, but good luck

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    @flexer Thank you! Yea, can see reading the ACF docs little intense. But going to play around with it in dev, looks very interesting.

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