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  • I am trying to upload the yoast theme onto a blog which a very clever chap at hostgator set up for me in about 60 seconds (I hsd been trying for s Week!! I am rather afraid I have little comprehension of the way all of this marvellous STUFF works and I am rather too old to be interested in learning I JUST WANT TO WRITE MY BLOG!!!!!

    Now the Guy at hostgator got me started with a New Password and username.but as I regsitered at WordPress last Week I must now be in there twice!! Is this going to cause me a problem!! Back to my original point Can anyone give me an easy and straigt forward way to upload this Theme!!In the instructions on Yoast One is told to go to various directories,when one types in the name One is taken somewhere else entirely!! I am afraid you either get this stuff or you do NOT I am very much afraid that I belong to the latter group,who miss Steam Trains.Fountain Pens and polite Children!!!

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  • Where is the theme now? Is it on your computer? If it is downloaded to your computer in a zip format, you can log into your site

    Then go to appearances -> themes

    Install Themes


    Upload your theme, and then activate

    The instructions you are seeing about going to various directories cannot be done through a web browser, if that is what you have been trying. The directories must be accessed through an FTP program, or through a file manager if your host offers one.

    And finally about username and password.

    but as I regsitered at WordPress last Week

    Registered to WordPress where? On this very site, on WordPress.COM, or on your own personal site? Each of those is different, and they are not connected. So if you were set up with a username and password on your site, that is different than here, and if you signed up at wordpress.COM, that is different than both.

    I’ve just dropped a bunch of info, but I don’t want to give too much, etc… not trying to be cryptic or overwhelming. If you need further explanation of anything I mentioned I (or anyone here) can try to help further!

    Hi Rev Voodoo.regarding my having registered twice.I registered HERE on WordPress.Org about 7 or 8 days ago!! When the Chap at Hostgator asked if I would like him to install WordPress for me (As I was stuck) I jumped at the opportunity so now I have two different Usernames!! When I put in my website details I am taken straight to I,think 2010 which I presume is a default Theme.I have no idea if the fact that I am in the Database with two different Usernames will make things complicated.I have changed both passwords to be the same, althouugh I am now thinking this could complicate things further!! And as you are aware Usernames cannot be changed.

    Regarding uploading the Theme Yoast to my site I am going to have another go Today,and if I cannot I might just ask Hostgator if they can help!! Regardless of the above thank you for taking the time to help me.

    Hi Rev Voodo I finally found a Theme “Suffusion” which tels me that it has been installed,but every time I log back in I am taken straight to 2010.Now I have not changed anything and perhaps I have to make some changes in the Control Panel before Suffusion becomes my default theme!! Any how I have been at this for most of the Day so will leave it alone for the time being.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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