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  • Tareq


    Upload you image into the Media Library first

    Media -> Add New

    Then when you go into your customisation panel you can choose a file from your media library instead of uploading.

    Thank you Tareq for your answer!
    My image is already in my library, but i have no possibility to choose from it in customization panel, the link select a file opens directly a local browser, no way to get it from media library.
    Can you explain where i can take the logo from image library please ?

    Theme Author bassjobsen



    Thanks for using JBST in the first place, and thanks again for posting your issue, this helps me to make JBST better.

    Unfortunately i found this issue before:

    Most problem are related to file rights although it still seems useful to get a message about what’s wrong.

    Solution for uploading images (check the rights of your upload folders);
    chmod 0777 wp-contents/uploads/ or chmod -R 0777 wp-contents/uploads/

    Could you check the above and let me know this will fix your issue? Thanks

    Theme Author bassjobsen


    @munger41 thank you too, for your suggestion.
    To logo upload uses WP_Customize_Image_Control ( AFAIK this function does not allow to use files from the media library.

    Thanks for your quick answers guys, but changing the rights on directory does not change anything. I tried several browsers as well, the behavior is still the same…

    Theme Author bassjobsen


    Well that’s a pity. Thanks for reporting back.

    Could you send me a copy of the logo file you tried to upload? ( so i could test it.

    Which version of WordPress do you use? And do you use JBST with a child theme? I will try to setup a test. Thanks.

    Theme Author bassjobsen


    If possible could you also try to set

    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

    in wp-config.php and / or install to see if there are any errors when uploading, thanks!

    Thank you.
    I use WP 3.8 and JBST directly without child theme.
    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); is set
    and debug bar installed (but debug bar disappears when customizing theme apparently – so no error show up)
    i ‘ve just sent you my image by mail, thank you for testing

    Theme Author bassjobsen


    i mailed you back 🙂

    I didn’t release the customizer use ajax to update (so the debug plugin don’t give you a message).

    You can debug it with firebug, i don’t have any idea if your familiar which such stuff?
    you can find the response of the logo upload in the response of

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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