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    Error: Could not write to file. Please check filesystem permissions.

    Images upload perfectly to the WP media but still cannot upload from the media as well. If I keep trying it works occasionally, but the images do not show up right away.

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  • Hi. I’m have to assume this is some kind of permissions problem on your server. Why that would be triggered by the 5.0 update, and why it would affect NG specficially, I’m not sure.

    I can confirm that we’ve tested (and continue to test) NextGEN with the 5.0 VERY aggressively in a very wide array of hosting environments. So we know that uploads are working in most normal cases. That means there’s something specific in your environment going on. So the question is what, exactly.

    I should also note that 5.0 shouldn’t affect the central NGG gallery area at all (ie, Gallery > Add Gallery/Images), but only the page / post interface.

    Are you familiar with how to check permissions on folders with your host via FTP? If so, chance you go login to your site via FTP, go to wp-content/gallery (assuming that’s your NG folder), and check the permissions?

    FYI – basically, I’d like to you confirm if the gallery folder has write permissions.

    Update: I see there are actually a couple other reports of this in the forums. We’re going to try and task a dev to this to see if we can figure out the conditions in which this is occurring.

    May not be directly relevant, but WPSSO had issues saving a post because WP was not handling the documented call in 5.0:

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    Hi, I’m the author of WPSSO and core trac ticket ID #45253. The issue is two-fold:

    1) WordPress 5.0 is not handling nonce failures properly – the web server sends back an HTTP 403 error code, and the browser hangs.

    2) Calling use_block_editor_for_post() on post submit will create a nonce failure.


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    Hi @robertallan!

    Are you trying to upload another image format beside .jpg?
    Please, keep us posted.

    – Gaby

    We just upgraded to WP 5.0 last night and we’ve just encountered the same problem when uploading a .png file. .jpg files upload fine.

    The error message refers to …/wp-content/gallery/clip-art/letsSwim1.png. Directory and file permissions are as usual 755 and 644 respectively.

    That file and its accompanying .png_backup are both present in the directory and both have 644 permissions. The file does show up in the Gallery/Manage… page for the Clip Art gallery. However, no image is shown.

    When we try to place the image in a post, the name of the image is shown as a link rather than the image; the link works and will show the image.


    Having an issue with header image on all my pages and then a couple of other images on the home page of my site:

    Will see if it is a path problem and keep checking back here. I have a child theme with custom CSS and using WooCommerce store theme

    Daniel Parsons

    Got my site issues resolved. The update to WordPress 5.0 caused a file path error in my directory. restored the missing folder- to fix the issue with images.

    Hope this helps if your site has similar issues.

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    Hi @robertallan

    We want to take a closer look at the problem you are having uploading your images with NextGen Gallery. We may need to deactivate plugins and switch the theme while troubleshooting temporarily. Would you feel OK with that? If so, please send us a bug report here:, refer back to this forum thread and let them know Gaby referred you.

    – Gaby

    I also gave this problem although I did not update to WP 5 yet.
    I can access the Overview, Add Image, Gallery Settings, Other Options pages,
    but Manage Galleries, Manage Albums, Manage Tags give a 403 error.

    Hi @pouicpouic

    Would you be so kind as to open a new thread?
    It seems that this thread was focused on another issue “Error: Could not write to file. Please check filesystem permissions.”.

    We were able to find that NextGen Gallery version 3.1.5 fixed this issue. I am going to mark this thread as resolved to close it.

    Many thanks

    – Gaby

    Hello Gaby, thank for this update, the Nextgen Gallery is working as before now

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