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Cannot upload images

  • frankstebbing


    Hello. I’ve spent 5 days now trawling through multiple forums and threads – no joy. This seems to be a major problem with WP, as there are hundreds of requests for help; and hundreds of varying/contradictory answers.

    Apple Mac 10.8.4 – all OK
    XAMP local host – all OK
    WP 3.6 – all OK
    Theme unloaded – all OK
    No plugins installed

    Uploading imagesnot OK
    “Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2013/09. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”

    I do not understand this error message. As someone new to this “easy to use” blogging platform; I would really, really, really appreciate hugely, someone who could very clearly suggest a fix – in the simple terms needed for a beginner who is not a web savvy – but just really interested in getting started. Thanks.

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  • Here is some info that explains how to modify permissions – http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions



    Thanks for replying Anshu.

    In my search for a fix, I have already come across and read this page – and many other similar threads and pointers. Unfortunately, I am not a WP developer or coder – so this and other proposed solutions are couched in terms that are incomprehensible to me.

    Surely as there is no host/server involved here – it must be a simple process to fix? I was hoping for a step-by-step, idiot-proof solution. Thanks.

    frank, changing fole permissions is really an easy task. Check Changing File Permissions # Using an FTP Client.
    Basically, when you connect to your site via FTP client (Filezilla), you right-click on the folder/file and change the file attributes.
    Please, take your time and read the provided documentation.

    You can contact your hosting provider to do that on your behalf.



    Hi Media X/Anshu, many thanks for replying. But I think this may be the root cause of why I can’t find an answer – as all queries (& answers) I find, relate to uploading files to a WP theme on a hosted server via FTP etc. I do not have a hosting provider to do anything on my behalf.

    My personal query is based on me using a Mac with XAMPP as the local host. Is FTP involved here? I read the “Using an FTP Client” multiple times – I just do not understand where to go to actually see the items in that screen grab. Is it in the WP folder that is in the XAMPP folder? or is it e.g. within http://localhost/phpmyadmin/? Also, I cannot right click on a index.php (in WP/XAMPP) as I use a Mac – so there is no pop-up function.



    OK – my friend helped me. For Mac, you go the theme folder; select images folder; command ‘i’; change from ‘read only’ to ‘read & write’. Done. Thanks for your time anyway.

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