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  • I’m trying to upgrade WP to the latest version, but it doesn’t want to work. When I click on “Update now”, expecting it to update automatically like always, it gives me this message:

    To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.

    1) I don’t have FTP-acess. I have SSH access only.
    2) I don’t have a webhost, this is my own server.
    3) Forget 1 and 2! Why does this happen in the first place? The user apache is running as, has full read/write/delete/create access in all directories starting at the root of the website. I checked this myself in a shell and it works beautifully. I don’t understand why WP assumes it won’t.

    Can I access some kind of log that might explain what it is trying to do *exactly*, and what *exactly* fails and causes it to fallback?

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  • Ah. Right. I must say, I’m little little dissapointed with WP’s “logic” to determine whether a file is writable.

    It seems that when it finally has managed to create and write to a file, it still isn’t satisfied and goes all out:
    if ( getmyuid() == @fileowner($temp_file_name) )
    To check whether the current user is the file’s owner. This cannot happen in my setup. The file’s owner is not the current user, even if that user created the file. WP should not expect this to always happen and fail if it doesn’t.

    In my setup, any file, no matter which user creates it, will get the owner the same as the owner of the webroot directory. The assigned group is “www” (which includes “www-data”: apache’s user). This works like a charm and does not pollute the file ownership all over the place.

    Now, why does WP need to do this silly additional check, if it has already confirmed it can write to a created file??

    And after a successful upgrade to 3.5.1, this check is still there.

    It’s not neccesary, clearly.

    Please remove it, dear developers.

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    The topic referenced doesn’t provide a solution, and since it was a long time ago, it made more sense to start over and give WP all the benefit of the doubt.

    I was wrong, because the problem still existed, and still exists to this day. So whether or not I have reported this problem before, is irrelevant; the WP developers have done nothing to solve it.

    Commenting out the line I quoted is a working solution, and I see no reason why it would cause further problems. You see, when an application has managed to create and write to a file, checking its owner is pointless. WP does not *need* to own its files, and I certainly don’t want it to.

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    <whine>…the WP developers have done nothing to solve it….</whine>

    Rather than complaining about what you want – because WP is open source, after all, and developed and supported by hundreds of people – search the trac for what you consider to be a “bug,” ( ) learn the logic behind the way WP works, and if you still don’t like it, write a patch or a plugin to “fix” the issue.

    Well sorry for reporting a problem, dude. Relax. And calling it whining is disrespecting. A moderator must know better.

    It’s not what *I* want, btw. It’s just plain wrong.

    No response, you are taking it easy.

    Look, I’m reporting a problem here. If you don’t want to get it fixed, that’s your problem, not mine. But being a little bit grateful for the effort I took to report everything and even pointing out a possible solution, doesn’t kill you.

    But instead, I’m whining.

    You want this to be the very last bugreport from my end?



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    If you want to report a bug, use Trac as suggested above.

    I would suggest that’s the task of a developer. Asking me to do double work is another superfluous task. Yes, WP is free, but my time is certainly not worthless.

    I’ve put it in Trac for now, but next time I will do either, not both. That’s just silly.



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    No – the core developers review and fix bugs but they do not actively monitor the support forums for bugs outside of the Alpha/Beta forum. Using Trac is the correct way to report an issue in the current version of WordPress.

    WP is free, but my time is certainly not worthless.

    Neither is anyone else’s time. It helps tremendously if you can please follow the correct procedures when we ask you to.

    I don’t expect any core developers here frequently. But moderators ever more so (hey there). Just saying.

    Just don’t be impolite about it (not you, esmi). I don’t see where I insulted anyone directly before my comments were calling “whining”. I may be “just a user”, but being treated like that is uncalled for even if I was a little frustrated at the time.

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    I must say, I’m little little dissapointed with WP’s “logic” to determine whether a file is writable.

    As explained in and the other tickets linked in my comment on, the current logic is a conscious design decision.

    If you haven’t already done so, you can try adding this line to your wp-config.php file as a workaround:

    define( 'FS_METHOD', 'direct' );

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