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  • Media Temple is telling me that I have 5+ version of MYSQL but WordPress updater is says it is 4.1.25. Anyone else having this problems and is there a fix!!!


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  • Anybody know where I can get a stable release of 3.1.4 so I can update a site that far until the 3.2 problem is fixed?

    @sambean, click on the Download tab at the top of this page, then click on Release Archive on the left menu.

    I got it to run on two MT sites with the mysql version error using the manual upgrade for safety instead of deleting the two folders just rename them see the instruction in the link below.

    manual update instruction:

    MT has 3.2 set up as a One Click install along with 3.1.4. They are running MySQL 5.0.32 so it is definitely a problem with how WordPress detects MySQL.

    Set up a support request with MT to get access to their MySQL update tool. They’ll try to talk you into starting a new (gs) service, which is just nuts, but ignore that. It will upgrade you to MySQL 5.1.x and then the WP 3.2 update will finish.

    It should be noted that one of the Core devs saw my Twitter exchange with MT support and wholeheartedly dismissed the possibility that their MySQL version checking was wrong. I’m not sure who to believe, but the other weird thing that happened was that the MT support rep who was helping me told me I was running MySQL 4-point-whatever. I sent them a screenshot from phpMyAdmin indicating the contrary and “upon further investigation” they then said I was running MySQL 5.0. I have my suspicions about how MT may be handling MySQL server/client versioning and it’s my theory that this is the root of the problem. They were helpful enough getting it resolved (and I must add that contacting them via Twitter and then going through the standard ticketing system speeds turnaround on resolutions dramatically).

    Did you use the MySQL update tool provided by MT? They have sent it to me, but I am skittish about the database warnings. And the “there is no going back” warning. I have a bunch of sites and backing up all the databases and then having to reinstall all of them if there is a problem is a bit daunting. The link they sent me is to update to MySQL 5.1.26.

    This is getting really interesting…. I have just sent out a support request, and I’m awaiting a response I can tell you I’m not really happy with MT they are a $20.00 a mth service I do not expect these problems / issues from a $5.00 mthly host..

    I’m having the same problem as nandorocker. I’m running MySQL 5.0.32 on our MediaTemple gridserver, but WordPress doesn’t seem to recognize it. I’ve done a manual upgrade to 3.2 to try to solve it, but no luck.

    Just to follow up. MT got back to me with the upgrade link. Turns out I did have an old MySQL version (4.1.25), in spite of what PhpMyAdmin said (which is weird).

    I clicked the link, upgraded the database and in about 30min everything was a-OK. Didn’t seem to affect my WP install negatively, and then I was able to upgrade seamlessly..

    I’m going to start testing another provider and move most of my sites over, MT is a bit too ridiculous…. I’m looking at west host recommended by Yoast . I’ve been with MT since 2008 and I’m simply tooo tired now….

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    It is possible that phpMyAdmin is mistaken about the version for some reason.

    WordPress’s system is asking the mySQL server directly for it’s version number. So the “4.1.25” isn’t coming from WordPress, it’s coming from the mySQL server itself. So it can’t be wrong, exactly. I mean, it would know, right?

    @sambean: Yes, I used the MT database upgrade utility. The caveat is that I use WP db-manager to carry out backups twice a week and I can rebuild any of my WP sites from scratch with a DB file and my design files within 15-30 min if needed. Luckily, it didn’t come to that. The more I look through phpMyAdmin, the more I’m convinced that the MySQL server version is what is causing issues on MT hosting — our client versions are showing 5+, but the server version being stuck at 4 has to be at the heart of this.

    Anyone using multisite.. I did the upgrade and sites using multisite crashed.. those without worked, I had to delete the multisite configs to get the upgrade working….

    I think MT knows the problem exist on their side!!!

    Any new information on this? I use MediaTemple also and am unable to update to 3.2. Getting the same message “You are running version 4.1.25.”

    I’m hosted on and having the same issues, this is not just a mediatemple problem! Would love any help or other ways to solve the issue. I can verify that MYSQL is up to date!

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