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  • I’ve read through all the posts for the past year on this site and tried all the recommended solutions. Here is the problem:

    -Site is
    -Self-hosted (shared) Network Solutions
    – Cannot auto-update plugins using standard WordPress dashboard update feature–error message reads “cannot connect to host”
    – Cannot search new plugins–error reads “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.”
    – Akismet gives me a banner error message that one of its servers is obstructed from reaching my site (3 of them are fine, but the error message makes me think there is a connectivity problem with both my plugin AND akismet–are these related)?

    I’ve changed the timeout to 45 (that’s the usual solution proposed), and even tried “O” but still no luck. Seriously, I’ve been googling and trying things for hours–has anyone figured this out? I’ve emailed Net Sol as well…

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  • This is a problem between Network Solutions and WordPress servers. I’m having the same issues as well.

    Thank you– in the meantime, I have heard back from Net Sol. They said this is a known problem and they are working with WordPress to resolve it. akismet responded the same way to my query. So I guess this is out of my hands so at least I will stop burning time on it.

    I am having this issue too. It stinks. I would recommend switching from Network Solutions as they seem TOTALLY uninterested in helping anyone on this issue.

    handhugs – I disagree. I have been in touch with the top hosting tier there, as well as folks from corporate. The story, as best as I can tell, is that Akismet is blocking Netsol servers. I run hosting packages at both Netsol and others, and the problem so far is limited to Netsol servers. They are working to fix it. (I do NOT work for netsol.)

    I have gotten lots of response from Netsol on this, both in chat and email – I have written to Akismet – no response at all. (And if they’re looking here – write me! )

    As an aside, I switched from Akismet to Defensio and there don’t seem to be any connectivity problems with Defensio. That does not solve the automatic updating problem, however. Thanks everyone for your input.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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