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  • Using the classic editor, it stops accepting typed blank spaces at the end of a line. I’m not sure exactly what triggers this behavior, yet, but it is reproducible and consistently occurs at the end of a line – usually (always?) before a newline or end of text in the main body of the post.

    Workaround: paste or type a word, move the cursor to the start of the word, type a space – delete any nonsense text when the post is complete. It appears that ONLY the spacebar is affected, and this behavior occurs on different PCs using Chrome browser. (I don’t feel like beta testing this release further; it doesn’t work properly in Chrome, but there’s a workaround and it’s adequate for now.)

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  • Is there a reason to want to put a space at the end of a line?
    Are you aware that the browser will condense multiple spaces to a single space unless you use a non-breaking space character?

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    That’s an interesting question. Yes, of course there’s a reason – I’d like to type another word. I’m not done with the paragraph. I don’t want to type like this:


    Hope that helps to clarify the issue for you! Note that I cannot reliably reproduce what initially triggers this behavor. Once it starts, though, it’s consistent.

    P.S. The workaround seems to be to type the text above, but move the mouse back before the previous word, at which point you can add spaces and other characters:

    Thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazy [insert all the text and spaces you want] dog

    Then, simply delete the unwanted “dog” at the end. It’s an ugly, unnecessary thing to have to do, though.

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    Unfortunately, I cannot post images here. But I do see at least one possible issue (using Chrome’s “Inspect” feature). Why is WordPress adding   to leading and trailing blank spaces on a line? I don’t think that’s consistently the trigger point, but I’ve noticed it seems to miss this on some lines, and that seems to be when the problem begins.

    There must be something consistent about when this happens, because it’s not happening for most users. Could it be any of your plugins that are affecting the editor?

    I’m having the EXACT same problem. I have to use an external editor and then copy and paste my text in. It’s ridiculous. My keyboard works perfectly everywhere else. it’s just in the text editor on the latest wordpress that does it. Occasionally it will start working fine then suddenly won’t let me hit space in any situation.

    Nancy I posted here about it but they linked me to this post. Which still has no answer.


    I am having the exact same problem! I get temporary relief by saving the draft.

    Thanks for your post, I was getting ready to demolish my keyboard (though it works every where else. Justnotinwordpress)

    I have a client with this very issue and I’ve not been able to find any solutions.

    Edited to add:
    FWIW, he said the problem seems specific to Chrome, but disabling plugins didn’t help.

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    Same here… WordPress version 5.2.1

    Ok, I found a “solution”. This happened to me when I upload an image to the post, insert it in the post and I began to write. So you have to change to the HTML version (click in the HTML tab) and you’ll see YourTextWithoutSpaces<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-13250" src="" alt="" width="212" height="300" /> and you have to change it to:

    <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-13250" src="" alt="" width="212" height="300" /> your text

    And that’s it, with only 2 words, now the space bar works as intended in “Visual mode”.

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    That does sort of work… my problem is my posts are FILLED with images. So I’d have to go into the code for each one. This is such an odd issue…

    This has been driving me crazy too. Glad I’m not the only one. I removed the image from my draft post and was able to type fine. Everything worked then added the image back in.

    Same issue here…still no solution found?

    Also a problem here. I am using Chrome and there were no problems until two days ago.

    SO glad I’m not the only one!! Same issue here:

    1. I have one list in this post. I can see a space after my list & before the next paragraph in the body of my blog post when I’m in “Visual”, but the space is gone when I preview the changes. Also, the numbered list won’t indent.

    2. There’s also an extra space after each H2 heading in the text body.

    Anyone know how to solve either of these issues?

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    No. My own personal solution was to use Divi, by Elegant Themes, and its Builder instead of the classic editor. Not as lightweight as I’d wanted when I started this topic, but Divi (and the support I’ve gotten from Elegant Themes) has been worth it.

    I’m quite disappointed to see how many people still have this problem, and that it’s not been fixed. From what I’ve seen, the Gutenberg editor isn’t as awful as it was two years ago. Might be time to make the switch and make sure all concerns are addressed before it’s not a choice.

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