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    Submitting the second idea using same email results in an endless loop with spinner spinning

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @whirpleadmin,

    What you are saying is not possible because once someone has entered an email address they dont need to enter it again as a user account will be automatically created for them. I was able to create 2 ideas once after the other on your site without issue. Thanks,


    issue seems to happen when the user has an account and access the idea page from different machine or browser and is presented with the form asking to enter the email address, name again. most likely due to plugin trying to create a new account with an email already used.

    any updated on that? it stops us from making the plugin public and purchasing pro version supporting multiple boards.

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    The plugin is working how it is designed to work. When someone creates an idea and isn’t logged in IdeaPush creates a user account in WordPress for them that is tied to their IP address. It is important we do this because it prevents people gaming the voting. Because otherwise a guest could create 50 different guest accounts and vote up their idea 50 times.

    So to achieve what you want to do it is better to use the plugin in a different way and will require a little bit of fine tuning. So firstly in the board settings in the plugin settings you want to turn: GUEST VOTES/IDEAS to No. This will prevent guests creating ideas. Now you need to provide an outlet for users to create an account on your site…this can be done in many many different ways, it depends on what works for you. But you could have some text like, “What to create an idea, click here to create an account on our site first”, and this goes to a user registration form – there are hundreds of plugins that can do this kind of thing, check out this page here for just some of them:

    Now once someone is registered with your site they will be able to log in and out of your site and create ideas on the idea board without being impeded by their IP address.

    The guest IP address system we have setup has been designed for a particular type of user who is a real guest who may go onto the site once and may never come back kind of thing. But if you want people to be able to create ideas from people on multiple connections it is best to use the inbuilt WordPress user registration system. We could have done a better job of explaining this so I will add this to the FAQ. Thanks,

    thanks for your answer. your explanation makes sense.
    there is still an issue of this plugin entering an endless loop (spinner) when it detects that the user account already exists. there is no visual message for a use saying “please use your existing account” or similar,, which would be would be helpful.
    saying that we will have to reexamine our use case, as we wanted to eliminate necessity of forcing user to create WP accounts.

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    Hi @whirpleadmin,

    This issue has now been resolved in version 3.6 of the plugin. Thanks,

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