• I’m having such a strange problem. After migrating a site from one hosting company (non-cpanel) to another host (cpanel), it appeared everything was working. The site worked perfectly, new articles could be added perfectly – I thought I was done.

    Then, someone attempted to edit an existing article. Suddenly the predefined tags didn’t get displayed and new ones could not be added. The status of the post could not be modified. But, one of the other users, with essentially the same roles and privileges was able to properly edit the post. Investigation revealed that if one of the roles assigned to a person was “administrator”, they could not save changes to posts that required updates to usermeta. When I removed the administrator role from these users, they were now able to edit.

    In the Members plugin, the Administrator role has all capabilities selected and none denied. I just don’t know how to proceed. The site uses the Valenti theme with lots of plugins. Nobody complained about this issue when the site was hosted on the previous host, but I’m at a loss to find something on the host that would contribute to this weird behaviour.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • It’s possible something got messed up during your site transfer. There’s nothing that can be done from the Members side of things if that’s the case. You’ll likely have better luck getting help for this issue in the WordPress troubleshooting forum.

    Ordinarily, I would agree. But, this migration was done painstakingly carefully. A tar.gz backup was made of the complete home directory (from Amazon EC2) and the RDS database was completely dumped using mysqldump. On the receiving side (on a dedicated server), the files and database were moved by secure copy and extracted / database loaded and the the config files were altered for the new database paths. I ended up with identical plugin versions, wordpress versions, PHP configuration, and except for this weird anomaly, everything works.

    I’m very pleased with the Members plugin, and only briefly considered switching to a different “custom roles” plugin, but I just didn’t want to tamper with anything.

    ** Edit **

    Just thought of something else that might help…

    If I define someone as having ONLY an administrator role, logging in to the back end will show the website, with the standard administrative options across the top of the site, but the dashboard cannot be selected at all.

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