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  1. blk784
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    I am having problems setting a global variable in the index.php that I need to use to determine whether or not to use a custom query. I have add_filters in my functions.php and within each I check the value of a global variable to determine whether or not to use the custom query. I have the following code in the top of my index.php:

    global $sort;
    if(isset($_GET['sort'])) {
       $sort = $_GET['sort'];
    } else {
       $sort = 1;

    The variable is not getting set even when I pass in a parameter through the url like so:
    http://www.32bitsofwin.com/?sort=1. The following is what I have in my functions.php:

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    Everything works fine as long as I set $sort in the functions.php so I know my sql query in my filter functions is working properly I just cant seem to get the global working right.

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