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    I have tried many times sending email to wp-hackers with my valid email address webmaster_REMOVE_THIS_@_ALSO_ME_mxchange._NO_SPAM_org (please remove the BIG_LETTERS). I have subscribed your mailing list and I also confirm the subscription within the time.

    I can receive emails but I when I send one to it I’ll receive neither my own email nor replies on it. I guess no one has received my email, anyway.

    On my server I relay over “localhost” to pipe the sent email through Amavis-New (meta virus scanner, pipes mail through many “real” scanner including SpamAssassin) because when one weak password got “hacked” the attacker can hopefully still not sent out his virus or spam mails…

    Back to topic. So maybe you can help me here? When I check logfiles (mail.log) my server received the reply “status=sent” from your mail server.

    Quix0r aka Roland

    PS: Great work you have all done! WP rox!!! 😀

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  • there have been some issues with the wp- mailing lists over the past month or so, occasionally the server for whatever reason seems to be delaying delivery of the mail to the lists, with posts to the lists showing up from hours to a couple of days after they were sent in.

    just double check the email address you’re sending to to make sure it’s the proper mailing list address (you can view the appropriate list addresses from within the mailman web manager for lists you’ve subscribed to), as long as you’re receiving the emails from the lists, the ones you send (to the correct addresses) will show up eventually.


    Still no luck… 🙁 And I have some good topics to discuss about: performance and caching

    I have tried it with different addresses from different servers.

    What email address are you trying to subscribe with? Just curious.. =P



    r.haeder_REMOVE_THIS_@will-hier-weg._NO_SPAM_de is a so-called “fun-domain” address provided by GMX ( )

    And I have subscribed with the above email address which I have setup on my server.

    Ah ok, Well.. I had sent an email through the wp-hackers list, about this thread.. of course.. like normal..I didn’t get any replies on it.. so, I dunno what to say for sure. =/


    Well, the one thing I’ve discovered about the automattic lists over the past while is that if your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER isn’t sending mails FROM the email addy you subscribed with, those mails wind up in lalaland.

    @spencerp: thanks for sending the mail anyway. Maybe someone is coming arround here…

    @vkaryl: The headers From and Return-Path is both without the BIG_LETTERS again 😉

    The From lin includes also my name. But as far as I know this is usual?

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