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  • Hello. Previously I was able to select text for deleting or copying within the text widget. I am just putting together a new blog, here and when I am in the admin, I can insert text ok but I can only delete it one character at a time. Makes changes slow.

    Is this expected behavior?



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  • Thanks for the direction. I don’t think I want to put my blog onto a development version… especially if there is an “entirely new interface for widgets” since it may (or may not) break the ones that do work. So I will report it as you suggest.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, what I mean is that you should find out if the bug still exists on the new interface, because the old interface will not be fixed. The next version of WordPress will have that new interface.

    I work with the out-comented line as posted above quite a few days now, seems to work OK, just the dragging of the dialogs doesnt work anymore, but I can live without.
    So, Otto42, where exactly is the right place to “contribute that fix back to the code”?

    I’m having a problem where I can’t even select any text on any page, whether in a text box or not, example I can’t select any text on this forum, however, if I hit CTRL-A, I can select all text, not very usefull, I’m using IE 6.0, and this problem just started happening a few weeks ago, I’ve checked all around the web and I couldn’t find anything that might apply, someone did mention somehting about css, but I just checked even a simple web page that I created myself, and I can’t even select text on that, once in a while I’ll try click and drag, click and drag over and over and something will catch and I’ll be able to select, like this, I had to click and drag 5 times before I was able to select the above text, which I’m pasting here: “work OK, just the dragging of the dialogs doesnt work anymore, but “. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but the only thing I can think of is that an IE update was sent to my computer, because maybe Microsoft wants me to upgrage to IE 7. I have Safari on my PC and I can click and drag just fine with that. Anybody else experience anything like this?


    Good new I just found out from another web site ( that you can hold down CTRL and then click text, it will select the whole paragraph. Then I noticed that if you move the mouse around, you can select either the first part or the last part of the paragraph, depending on where you clicked. Even works inside of edit boxes. Much more usefull than CTRL-A, although I still wish I could just click and drag to select whatever I want.

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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