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  • Updated from 2.6.14 to 3.07.

    Found that on orders page, I cannot search orders with first name any more.

    My customer names are not in English, they are in Thai.

    When I search some of very common first names, it seems to only search those that have that word in their last name or in address.

    For example, suppose my site was in English for easy understanding.

    Searching Adam on orders page would return results like
    John Adamsmith
    John Smith who has address like Adam Street
    But will not return orders that have the first name “Adam” at all.

    I tried reverting back to version 2.6.14 and searching first name worked.

    Has anyone figured out this issue?

    Version 3 has been quite difficult for a foreign language site.
    I have another translation issues like this post.

    Thank you for your support.

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