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  • jamesghill


    I want to insert an image grid/gallery in my post with each image pointing to its own outgoing url.

    It would have been easily achieved if I could save the urls with the images in the gallery. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be possible. When I try to change the url and save, it always gets replaced back by the url pointing to the image in the upload location.

    Only when I insert the images as separate images, I can edit the url, but then I cannot get them sit in a neat grid.

    My first closest meager solution for this was using a table like on this page. Yet this does not seem a too smart one.

    Could you, please, suggest a better solution?

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  • RichardWPG


    Why would you want to save the url. Just upload it andsave it into your media library or your gallery



    I am sorry I may not have expressed myself clearly enough 🙁 I do not have problems with uploading images and saving them to galleries.

    The sad thing is that, in the galleries, I am not able to change the default url, which is to the image in the upload folder, to something else.

    More to that, I cannot find whether it’s possible to edit separate image thumbnails (by changing their urls) when they are inserted into the post as [gallery].

    So my best solution so far is just this:

    1. I insert a table in order to keep the images aligned neatly to the degree possible

    2. I insert images from the gallery into the table cells

    3. Then I edit the images changing their default target urls to the ones I want to have.

    So that’s the story. I think a logical and much more elegant solution would be if I could change the url right in the gallery or while the image is being uploaded.

    There are three preset buttons right under the url field: “None”; “File URL”; “Post URL”. Then there comes this text: “Enter a link URL or click the above for presets”. But those buttons and that advice are completely useless (or I may be doing something wrong when trying to use them).

    Every time I click “Save all changes”, the existing URL is back there regardless if I try to use one of the buttons or enter my own url.

    I assume I am not the only one trying to make the images clickable. So I would really appreciate if someone shares some method/workaround.

    After all, this must be a bug? It does not feel like normal behavior when the urls do not stick with the images in the gallery?

    username required


    I understand the problem here and have it myself.

    I want to be able to change the URL from the Thumbnail to link to where I want it to go rather than a link of itself, on another page. What is the point of have a single thumbnail on a page?

    In my case, I used ‘Gallery’ to layout some thumbnails of the front pages of PDF magazines to download. One gallery for each year.

    I want to be able to control the link from each thumbnail to the actual PDF file to download itself … or at least a full-size of the front cover.

    As with the poster above, when I type in the custom URL and save, it reverts back itself.

    I tried having a look in mySQL to see if I could edit the code there, but it does not seem so.



    I’m happy I’m not alone. Thank you, Username Required!

    The interest, however, on such, to my mind, critical functionality, is surprisingly low. I cannot find even another discussion anywhere.

    That’s weird that the urls do not stick to the gallery thumbnails. It already gets tangled when only one gallery is allowed per post. But we could probably work around it excluding images from each instance. But now when the thumbnails cannot be associated with an url, this seems to be pointless altogether.

    Table still stands my least painful solution. I arrange images in tables right in the post body, replicate to different places with just pasting the html code and, if needed, change some images right on the place.

    I tried to make an array from div tags but it turned out that WordPress converts all my div tags into paragraphs. So all my hard work collapsed.

    But tables stand the trial. I don’t really know if spiders frown on them. So far, I have no ground for suspicion.

    What if using tables could be a solution also for your pdfs?

    Hi, did you ever find a wordpress gallery solution that you’d like to share?

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