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  • Took me a while to work out the way to use it.

    Finally realized not to use group settings in Banner > Add New, but instead use Groups manager, then use the code provided in that page instead.

    PS: Sorry for other review, Thanks for the help and persistence.

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  • Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Free version has groups also.
    You can show as many ads as you want with both the pro and free version.

    Yes AdRotate Free is a lite version, but not as lite as you think.
    See the full comparison here:

    Hi Arnan,

    Features list does not allow me to rotate groups of ads.

    There is no help on how to do this (or at least, I could not find it)

    Let me know how someone like me can get from Ads, to rotating them as a group.

    Please Add links to information provided on your site.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    So instead of asking on the forum for help you give me a bad rating and call my plugin a waste of time…

    You can’t “rotate groups“. Nowhere does it say you can.
    You can rotate ads. As in, place a group on your site, have 10 ads (or however many) in it and those ads show one by one.
    That you had different expectations is fine. But your bad rating because of it, not fine.

    Please Add links to information provided on your site.
    You can *easily* find them in the readme, on almost *every* dashboard of the plugin and they all point to manuals and the forum.

    Main issue was that user interface and options are hard to get head around at beginning.

    If there was a “How to Get Started” intro video, or step by step guide, would reduce the lower reviews, I’ll bet.

    1. Go to Ads Manager, Add “New Ads”, at least 2
    1b. Use %link% code, to enable click tracking.
    1c. Tick enable click tracking, paste the URL for ad.
    2. Go to Groups Manager, Add “New Group”, add Title
    2b. At bottom, select ads to include in this group. Save the Group
    3. Notice “Code” for this group, on Group Manager page, 1st record.
    3b. Copy this short-code, example: [adrotate group=”1″]
    4. Paste that into one of your pages where you would like the ad to be displayed. Save the page. View Page.

    A quick example of how to insert more than one ad, then rotate them. Will be very very helpful to anybody who first installs that plugin.

    Just my suggestion is all.


    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Thanks for the turnaround 🙂

    I had considered Videos to get things done in AdRotate but it didn’t feel “right”.
    There are of course a bunch of manuals which explain most features.

    If you’re looking to upgrade to AdRotate Pro let me know for a Coupon through my sites contact form.

    Hi Arnan,

    I’m a developer too, so I understand coder frustrations more than most.

    I do appreciate what you have done. I can clearly see a lot of time and effort has gone into the plugin.

    However, to try and understand WordPress users that install and uninstall 10 plugins before they get to yours, and it seemingly doesn’t work like they expected, they get frustrated too. That’s what leads to low ratings. It’s rash, but seems right at the time experiencing high emotions, heh. It’s the fault of the user as they didn’t spend time to read the manual.

    I still think a “get started fast” guide with points I’ve made above will help these people in a rush to get started and be confident with the plugin from the get go.

    Just my suggestion. Cheers.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    I’ll look into it. Some others have voiced that a “quick start guide” would be useful.
    However, those found their way into the forum first 😉

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