• Hi,

    For the last few days, I cannot get stats anymore.
    Instead I get {“status”:”ok”,”msg”:”API Key Required”,”seconds_remaining”:60,”error”:”API Key Required”}

    Today, I could not require a new api key: “here was an error generating your API key. Please try again later. Sorry!”

    It seems to affect all my sites using BruteProtect.




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  • I’m in the same boat as well. I just noticed yesterday on my WP dashboard the same error message appears.

    Plugin Contributor Sam Hotchkiss


    We have rebuilt the protect API to improve performance within Jetpack, and we are no longer supporting new keys or the dashboard widget in BruteProtect. Please see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bruteprotect-is-no-longer-supported

    Thanks for that info. When I read the “BruteProtect is no longer supported” post, I see this:

    As of March 2015, Jetpack also includes botnet protection. Therefore, we are no longer making any additions or improvements to the BruteProtect plugin. Protection against botnet attacks will not be interrupted, BruteProtect will continue to protect your site for free until the end of 2015. If you are having trouble with BruteProtect, please install Jetpack, ensure that the Protect module is activated, and remove BruteProtect.

    I installed BruteProtect 2.5 today and the dashboard widget has disappeared completely. Has the above position, with regard to BruteProtect continuing to work until the end of 2015 changed?


    Thread Starter Michael


    Hi Sam,

    “we are no longer supporting new keys”, how does it affect the plugin?



    Plugin Contributor Sam Hotchkiss


    If you already have bruteprotect installed and working, it will continue to work. That said, the dashboard widget will no longer work, and, if you update to BruteProtect 2.5, it will go away

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