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    glephay raised this a few months ago but it was never resolved.
    I just updated my localhost ( recently installed) copy from Zerif to
    (I didn’t update my live site as I tried this a few months ago and found some issues that I didn’t have time to fix on my live site, so I reverted to a backup at the time.
    Now I am trying updates on my localhost before my live site.)

    There are various issues most of which I’ve resolved but as glephay found, there are now problems with the logo.
    1. the logo is now centered above the menu whereas before it was left justified and took up less room. Is there a fix for this?
    2. No matter what I do the Zerif logo will not be replaced with my own logo. I go to customize and delete the zerif logo, then replace it with mine. Then I save the changes and all looks fine ( apart from the center issue). Then I exit the customize menu and the zerif logo reappears. It is not a caching issue – the zerif logo just comes back and the edit is lost! Why? Is there a fix for this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • I would like to get some screenshots of this issue. I will check the check the screenshot to get the issue exactly. You can share the screenshot through this tool

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    Hi, thanks for the quick response. I’ve found out why the image was disappearing – I had a child version of header.php. However I cannot see how to get the logo image back to justified left inline with the menu as it used to be. I’ve now deleted my header.php child version. There was no code in it changing the alignment of the logo image.
    Here are screenshots of before and after:



    Thanks for writing in! To assist you with this issue, we’ll first need you to provide us with your URL. This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation.

    You can also check if there is any CSS related to the logo in your advanced CSS editor.

    Once you have provided us with your URL, I will be happy to assist you with everything.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. The url is but it is in maintenance mode for now. I am updating many shop items and making some other changes. I cannot put it live again for a little while yet and I will not be updating it to the latest version of Zerif lite until I have the above issue resolved. The new position of the logo takes up too much space and also knocks out the positioning of the big title section images (as you can see from the provided screen shots).
    I would be willing to allow you guest access to the site for a short time if that would help? I don’t know how we could arrange that though.
    There is no additional css related to the logo or header area.

    Best Regards

    Colin Jubb

    Thanks for your reply. I would be delighted to assist you today. I would like to get the guest access of your site to check and find the exact solution. I will wait for guest access.

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    mdshak – thanks very much for your offer of help. I have now resolved the issue. I am sorry to say it was just an issue with a very slightly wider menu which forced the logo above the menu.
    It took a while but I got there. The difference was small and showed up differently on different browsers.
    My apologies for taking up your time.
    I have now created a new child header.php file too to get round the problem of the disappearing logo.
    Best Regards


    Do you need further help on this issue? I am always ready to help.

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