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  • Hi ktrusak, this is Agnes from Toolset support team.

    No, this is not a known bug. What do you exactly mean by removing fields? If you go to the Types->Custom Fields and click Edit for a field group you should then press the red x for a field you want to remove and save your changes. The field should be removed with any problems.

    Yes, that’s where I am running into the issue. Clicking the red X does nothing. I’ve used Types for quite some time and never had any issue, so I am guessing it must be a plugin conflict, I will deactivate the others and test. Thanks for the reply!

    I just checked, clicking X icon works fine for me. Nobody else reported this issue yet.

    To remove fields completely use Custom Fields Control Screen.
    Clicking X icon on edit screen will just hide them from that screen.

    Okay, I wasn’t able to find the plugin conflict because it is a live site, but will do some testing offline later to see if I can find what the conflicting plugin.

    Using the other screen worked well, thanks for posting that!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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