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  • Help me out guys. I am working on Events Calendar plugin and I am getting an error with 3.0 and can’t figure it out. It has to do with trying to instantiate the WP_Locale.

    I was using $wp_locale = new WP_Locale() and getting this error.

    I tried using $wp_locale global but then I am getting error of it being a non-object when calling $wp_locale->get_weekday(0);

    Help me out.

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  • Well Byron, I did the suggested procedure and it’s still not working for me. Not sure if it’s ME or not. I think tomorrow I’ll delete the DB on my test site and do a complete reinstall and see if it works…I hope you and the developer can get this thing right man, I really love this plugin.

    Good work mate, looks good, all working for me

    Just a point to note on my site when i run the sidebar widget for the calendar (which I really want to do) it prevents other images on that page from loading.

    It was doing this before all of this wp 3.0 clashing came up so it’s not a problem with your patches, they work a treat.

    Just a point of note for you when 7.0 is being tested.

    for further info search for the plugin and read the threads on this forum

    I am using the atahualpa theme.

    Thanks again


    oh maybe some sort of facebook events integration would be of great value πŸ˜€

    Glad it’s working for some πŸ™‚ @bushwhack I’ll drop you an email again and let’s see if we can figure it out.

    First…. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I uploaded your patched version above, and nothing crashed!
    Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem with the sidebar widget as SamBarker above.
    I’m running a custom theme. πŸ™‚
    I’m going to be tinkering with it, but … anybody have any tips?

    I found something that could solve this image issue.

    In line 308 of the file: ec_js.class.php of the plugin (itΒ΄s in the folder)

    YouΒ΄ll see the following:
    jQuery("img").attr("src", arguments[i]);

    Replace it with
    jQuery("#calendar_wrap img").attr("src", arguments[i]);

    Added the wrapper ID (“#calendar_wrap”) so it only preloades images inside the calendar container.

    No problems until now.

    Hope this works for you.

    Cheers from Argentina!


    Thanks! Found and fixed, no problem.
    Unfortunately, I still have a problem with the hover feature on the widget, i.e. the box with the information for the event does not appear upon mouseover of the date.
    This problem was there previously, I just thought it was caused by the same problem as the images (so I didn’t mention it, sorry).
    It appears to be calling the javascript fine, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it a problem on my end? πŸ™
    Thanks again, ben!!!!

    I’m getting the error that “tb_show is not defined”
    If that helps.

    nice work budaloco

    seems to have cured the problem on my site. However when i go to switch months in the calender using the widget on the homepage I still get the grey sliding bar when it is loading the next month.

    It’s not really an issue, I dont even know what that image is supposed to be, maybe the grey sliding bar is the default, but as for other images it looks all good, thanks for the fix!

    If you want to investigate further look at

    @gidget – yeah experiencing same thing, I have to click and it comes up lightbox style (which is still sweet as, hover would be nicer but)

    I’m not a massive php coder *sigh* (one day) so I can’t really offer any help πŸ™

    Any of you guys know when EC 7 is coming by any chance?

    My calendar it’s almost 100 working. I just have to “major problems”:

    1. On the add event admin page, I don’t have the icons to choose a date and have to write them manually. These icons appears only in the edit event form.

    4. I can add events, but on the sidebar widget, when I choose the calendar view, I don’t see any events on that calendar, only if I choose the list view. Also, there’s icons to navigate months, but when I click them, they change the Month and rΒ«then go away.


    Ok, it seems that now only two problems remain:

    – No mouse-over effect on the calendar widget
    – On the add event admin page, I don’t have the icons to choose a date and have to write them manually. These icons appears only in the edit event form.

    @sambarker (and anyone else interested)
    Mine doesn’t even pop up when I click on it. (tested in both firefox and ie–neither work).

    I’m beginning to believe this means I was wrong, and it’s not calling up the javascript files it needs… maybe? But everything else is working, as far as I can tell. Thanks for working so hard on this, everybody. πŸ™‚

    First up thanks to byronrode for the patch and everyone for there input.

    I’ve spent a lot of time on this plugin and got my issues down to two things.

    1.No tooltip on widget calendar or scrolling πŸ™

    2.If multiple events are listed on a day only the last event is showing in the tooltip.

    I have pulled apart the patch version and chopped and cut to get this far… I have used different parts in the forum to get these.

    So what I do have:

    1. Tooltip popup on sidebar list

    2. Linking ok in sidebar

    3. Scrolling of Large calendar

    4. Full link in Tooltip on large calendar

    5. No Apparent image problems (admittedly I have only tested briefly)

    6. No issues with Admin screen or widget list

    I have only started working with js and php so my commenting is non existent in my ec_class file as I spent the whole time going through the patch and a working calendar in 2.92 to ensure that I could get the functionality I needed for the site I’m working on (deadlines don’t help).. I also need sleep.

    Effectively I have modified the ec_class out of the patch to give me the little things I needed, but to resolve the last issues my skill level has been reached. πŸ™

    Happy to provide the code if anyone wants to try and resolve the last few issues for themselves.

    Went back and added the comments πŸ™‚

    Patch worked great on my site, but did run across one problem that isn’t as important. In Safari, it only shows the first event of each month and then all the rest are hidden. IE & FF show all of them.

    Thanks for all the work and time!

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