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  • Help me out guys. I am working on Events Calendar plugin and I am getting an error with 3.0 and can’t figure it out. It has to do with trying to instantiate the WP_Locale.

    I was using $wp_locale = new WP_Locale() and getting this error.

    I tried using $wp_locale global but then I am getting error of it being a non-object when calling $wp_locale->get_weekday(0);

    Help me out.

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  • Thanks @byronrode, this is the only plugin I have turned off and there are many events posted here.

    Thanks byroncode!

    Byroncode, you are awesome. Thanks for your efforts. Removing that “locale” code got my site back and my calendar works (Except for the prev and next months) I am not using the 6.6 version of EC. I’m still using the 5.2 version so your code lines dont match up.

    IS there any possibility someone will get the next version of events calendar up to par? I love the plug in, and there is so much need for it, but the beta version is HORRIBLE…

    Also tried the mods you suggested Byroncode but FWD /BCK buttons don’t appear and event info popup shows code in lieu of event details. CSS seems to be messed up as well.

    Hope to see a revised version real soon!


    Hey guys,

    As far as I know the developers are almost ready to release version 7 of the plugin.
    Guys, I cannot see what might have gone wrong with the fwd/bck buttons. They are controlled by the JS, so if they are not being inserted correctly then the JS that I have pasted above is not being handled correctly.

    my email is byron (at) – please mail me your individual links and I will have a quick look.

    I will also package my custom files that I edited, which you can replace. However I can only guarantee that this would work with the 6.6 beta version.


    hi byron

    Having the exact problem and need a solution a.s.a.p for a non-profit organisation website.

    any chance i could jump in on that custom file package?

    Keep up the good work champion


    Hi Sam,

    Just drop me an email (email is above) and I will send you the plugin files, but bear in mind I just came across another error which is causing custom shortcodes not to load on the page that is requesting the calendar.

    I am trying to find a workaround to it now.


    Dropping a note in here to let you know how many of us are watching this one. Upgrading to 3.0 and having the entire site crash hard was definitely heart stopping. Thank god for backups. Appreciate all your work! We’ll be watching for an updated package.

    I’m also replying to hopefully add a sense of urgency to this topic. I applied all the changes listed above, and the calendar is sort of working, but (at least in Mac Firefox) clicking forward and back through the months in the large calendar seems to send the Ajax into a loop and it starts changing back and forth through several months before settling on one and stopping.

    Yeah, I’m rolling back to my backup. I’ll wait for an updated calendar package before I go to 3.0.

    I downloaded ec_js.class.php and events-calendar.php from the repository linked here and uploaded them to the server. Since then all is well for the moment.

    The same I did on another site pre-3.0 update and the update went w/o a problem.

    Lets hope a patch or new version comes soon. Kudos to all the contributors here!

    Byron you have been a lifesaver bro. Thanks.

    I haven’t upgraded Event Calendar to 6.6 yet, seems that there are a lot of issues with it and I really don’t want to go through re-entering all the events I had in it.

    I’ll be watching this thread very close for updates, and again thanks to ALL who are working on this. This particular plugin is one of the best ever developed and it’s a shame it’s having issues.

    Hey guys.

    I am currently working on a patch, which I will send through to the original developer as well as working on some additional changes for the upcoming release.

    I am going to be putting the patched version together for 6.6 online and will get those changes into 7.0 as well.

    My current version has the Tooltips removed as it was something I did not want, but I have rolled back and am adding a switch to the menu, to allow them to be turned on or off.


    Hey Byron, right on. Any idea of how long it will take to get those online? not rushing ya or anything, just trying to keep customers happy…

    Hi guys,

    Here is the link:

    I have tested this on a live site and there are no issues so far as I can see.

    Please read the notes below before installing.

    I have patched the 6.6 version and dubbed it version 6.6.1 however there is no reflection of this in the Plugins Repo or in the Administration area, but it is heavily commented where I made changes. This will be sent through to the developer and I will work closely with him to add all the changes into the upcoming version.

    Please ignore all the changes i have posted above if you are new as they are all included and follow the process below.

    If you have already followed the above, just replace the entire plugin folder using the method below.

    NB: Backup, Backup, Backup

    Before installing this patch (you need to replace the entire plugin) make sure you have made a backup of both your database and your current plugin folder. Delete the existing plugin, unzip and upload the linked file and replace any css that you may have edited.

    Please note that the css for a day that has an event no longer functions via the administration and now appends a class to the cell element.

    Changelog (including above fixes):
    – Added the ability to enable/disable tooltips in the administration
    – Fixed WordPress 3.0 initialization issues
    – Added “hasEvent” class to table cell for days that have events
    – Modified the LargeCalendar and LargeCalendarJS to echo by default, but added the ability to return the markup using bool(true/false). This is merely documented for historical purposes as the change was needed for the new shortcode loading of the calendar to work and has no effect within any templates.
    – Added Native WP Shortcode for the plugin to load the Large Calendar. Now loads by calling “[events-calendar-large]” replacing the existing method. Please replace where necessary in your pages/posts.
    – The WP shortcode addition also stops the plugin from preventing other plugins/themes shortcodes to load when used on the same page as the calendar.
    – Cleaned up JS from above which was looping when navigating through 2 or more months.
    – Changed the JS in the sidebar calendar to load the JS and prev/next links correctly when navigating through months

    It is 2:30 am here so I may have missed something, so if you notice any bugs or if there are any issues, please post here or via my email and I will get to them as soon as possible.

    Also note, I only made the above changes to the large calendar, with 1 minor change to the sidebar calendar and cannot for certain say that event listing or the sidebar widget calendar is working 100% but if you come across any issues, I will have a look.

    Thanks for your patience.

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