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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hi Peter,

    Do you have the exact line where this issue occurs? You confirm that this issue appears in the Console of the Chrome Developer Tools, right? (and not in the PHP Error Logs)

    We are working on a new release of the Lightbox, the code is being completely rewritten, so we will need to find a temporary fix for your version of the code 🙂 Which should be easy, just by removing that line of code, probably.

    Hi Jordy,

    it’s exactly as you write. The developer tools in google chrome.

    The new release sounds great, when can we look forward to it? If you could tell me what to delete from the code I’d like to try.


    Hi Jordy @tigroumeow,

    Do you have any news? This is the last point that prevents us from running the site.

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Plugin Contributor Thomas


    Hello @tomanpetr,

    Sorry for this delayed reply,

    So I’ve had a look at, and it seems that the lightbox can’t retrieve any data for the second image ( the night sky, the one after the man looking through the window ).

    The lightbox shouldn’t crash like that though, and it will be fixed in the upcoming new version, which I aim to release before Christmas basically.

    Now, it would be interesting to know what has gone wrong with this particular image? My guess is that if you reupload and reinsert it inside the article it should work just fine.

    The way I’ve found the culprit image is very simple.

    When viewing the page, open the console, and type “mwl_data” and press enter.

    It should print a list of data, and for some of them there could be the error “No meta was found for this ID.”. So you can just copy-paste the id ( the 5 digits number associated with the message ), and search for it inside the code inspector to see which image it is exactly.

    Best regards,



    Hi Thomas,
    thanks for your reply. I’ve checked the images and you are right one of them is broken somehow. I will try to replace it.

    After your new release will be other images ok except this one? Because we have there over 8 thousand images and I don’t know if we can check all of them.



    Hi Thomas,

    I need another. We use the lightbox plugin Meow lightbox on the web (to display full res photos) and nextgen gallery. To avoid collision of lightbox I turned off the one in Nextgen gallery. You can try here I try to outline it in the video as well

    However, Meow displays thumbnails. Do you know how to advise?

    Thank you.



    Hi @tigroumeow ,

    Reply from Nextgen gallery support:
    I am sorry but its most likely that you will have to contact the Mew Lightbox plugin’s support to ask them for their lightbox implementation changes. The way how our lightboxes work is generic so it appears that they will either have a different option to toggle in order to load the images from the a HTML tag instead of the included img’s src.

    Hello, do you have any news about the new version? A long time has passed since the last reply. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    That’s because we are working on a brand new version. If you are interested in beta testing, please contact us here: We do not want to push it too quickly, as we need to test it more.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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