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  • This is an ongoing issue that I have yet to resolve. I believe I have several unresolved posts on this forum about this.

    Here’s the situation:

    I need to make very long pages (equal to 18 single spaced 10 point font pages in Microsoft Word). To me, that doesn’t seem like much, but when I try to publish the page all I see is the title and sometimes the content disappears out of the page editor.

    I need clear instructions on how I can publish long pages. PLEASE HELP!

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    Are you pasting content directly from Word or are you using the ‘Paste from Word’ tool?

    I strip the content of any coding by pasting it into Notepad. Then I copy it from there and paste it into WP.

    The mention of Microsoft Word was just to give people a sense of how long some of these pages are. I don’t use Word.



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    Do you know what the average character count of these documents is (as opposed to the word count)? The field that is used to store post content has a documented potential storage size of around 4 trillion characters, so I’d guess that it’s unlikely to be a database problem. However, with very large documents, I’d imagine that you could get problems with the server timing out.

    Less than 70,000 characters.

    Did you get a solve for this?, I am having the same issue.

    Pasting in 6200+ words

    WP only saves 1600 words

    Before saved you can scroll through the text so it is there at the begining.

    Very tricky problem

    Has anyone found out more about this? I have the same problem but it only lets me publish 275 words in the page 😐

    Never come across this before.

    I imagine it’s a problem with php’s memory limit on the server – hence why it affects different sites at different levels. The easiest way to change this is by editing your php.ini file, but some hosts won’t allow this so you’ll probably need to contact them.

    The default limit was 8MB before php 5.2, 16MB in 5.2 and 128MB afterwards.

    Hi there – I think this issue only occurs when you are hosting your site on a server with php4.

    I encountered this problem last night. My server uses PHP version 5.2.6, memory usage: 22.17 of 90 MB.

    I got around it by inserting <!--nextpage--> tags into the text, to break up the page into several parts. See here for more:

    It’s a strange one, though – I’d not seen it before. My article went blank when saving roughly more than 18,000 characters (I don’t have the precise number as I was editing as I went along, but it’s currently live with 19,750 characters or 3,286 words); if I cut out the last few paragraphs it saved fine. I’m pretty sure I’ve saved longer pages in the past though.

    I have just run into this problem myself after having a site active for three years. I doubt it is a server issue on my end as I’ve had long posts over 10,000 words for multiple months. Curious if there is any information about this.

    Here this problem is again. Can anyone please help resolve this?



    Same problem.
    I think it’s not the server overload problem, but rather a coding bug. I run my WordPress on VPS server.

    Anyone found the solution?

    gorky5 wrote:

    I got around it by inserting <!–nextpage–> tags into the text, to break up the page into several parts. See here for more:

    GORKY5 YOU ARE FANTASTIC !!!! I’ve been fuuuuuussing with this issue for 2 weeks, babying my Dashboard, re-installing WP284, my theme, my plug-ins, trying every trick and inventing new one’s, taking up a drinking habit, wanting to start smoking again, and still got the ‘disappearing act’ !!!

    With your simple lil’ fix I’m back in the game again ! If you had a PayPal button by your name I would send you money !

    Thank you thank you thank you !!!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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