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  • My theme currently has a sidebar on the left, and I am trying to add another one to the right. I did the necessary changes in functions.php, created 2 php files, one for each sidebar, added the code to index.php

    Now the tricky bit is this: to make it simple for now I thought of duplicating the sidebar code inside the style.css Now I do have 2 sidebars, but no matter what I try the both appear on the left, one under the other. How can I place the new sidebar on the right? Here is the code from the css:

    [ Please just post a link to your site or use for that many lines of CSS. ]

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  • You’ll need to post a link to your site for help with something like this. Just posting CSS code is useless.

    Part of the CSS for the sidebars is here



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    I’m sorry but as you are using a commercial theme, you need to seek support from the theme’s vendors.

    Theme’s vendor is asking a lot of money for something that I can almost do myself… 🙁

    So a bit of help to tell me what I am doing wrong and both sidebars are on the left instead of left & right would be deeply appreciated…

    In general, you would need to modify the CSS to change the layout of the page and the position of the new sidebar (perhaps using “float”). To do that, you’d need to have a unique ID or class on the second sidebar.

    Reviewing Theme Development may also be helpful.

    Thanks for the help WPyogi. I have tried to put float left/right in both sidebars code in the css, but has no effect. What do you mean to put a unique ID or class, how do I do that and in which file? Do you want me to paste here any code that would help with this?

    You don’t actually have two sidebars on that page. It looks like whatever you did only duplicated the inner sidebars. Your page would probably need to have a structure like this:

    <div id="top-nav">
    <div id="header">
    <div id="search">
    <div id="content">
    <div id="sidebar">  THIS IS THE EXISTING ONE
    <div id="sidebar2">  THIS WOULD BE THE NEW ONE
    <div id="footer">

    Note that the id on the new one is different from the existing one. Then you would add CSS for the new sidebar using the new ID — something like:

    #sidebar2 {
       float: right;
       width:  xxxpx;
       other styles as needed

    But you would also need to change the width of the content section for both sidebars to fit on the page.

    Again, I’d suggest you study the Theme Development pages I linked to above and also look at this site re: CSS basics:

    This kind of modification is really beyond these forums — even for a free supported theme. And as esmi pointed out, this is a commercial theme — and they are not supported here.

    If you can’t do this yourself or pay for help, you could consider finding a theme that has the basic layout you want.

    I didn’t want to mess my live blog, so I have an offline copy running on my server, and there I got to the point of having 2 sidebars, which like I said I cannot define one of the two to go on the right… both stay on the left. anyway since the dev asked for a 3 digit fee to do it!!! I will keep on trying to fix it myself… 🙁

    Is there a chance I can find a dev who would be willing to do this for less, and if so where could I ask?

    I didn’t want to mess my live blog, so I have an offline copy running on my server, and there I have 2 sidebars

    Wow, it would have been VERY helpful for you to have said that at the beginning or when you posted the link. As is, I spent a lot of time looking at the live site, trying to find what you had done. As is we were not even looking at or talking about the same thing.

    Apologies for not stating this in the first message, having spent most of the day looking at code and trying to make this work, my head is spinning around…

    Just now I have put a “margin-right: -920px” to the second sidebar and now it went to the right, but I am not sure that this is how I was supposed to do it, because there is more free gap on the left than on the right… I was thinking that it should have worked just with a “float: right”… so this is what it looks like now

    Dear Bubulina,

    First of all, its a two column theme and you wish it to be three column.

    Secondly, you need to resize the central column and reposition all elements to align.

    Finally, you have to create space for the third sidebar.

    And sadly, you will have to do everything using the CSS.
    Check out this link which will indicate the dimensions you require Bubulina Dimensions width

    Hi royalprince, thank you for your answer and your video. Yes, it’s a 2-column right now, so having 2 sidebars will make it a 3-column theme. I was just thinking that some of the widths, especially the one of the central column need realigning for everything to fall properly in place.

    No problem using the CSS, I think I figured it out, because I know what you mean to create extra space for the new sidebar.

    I wanted also to redesign the sidebars, but surely I will leave that for the future!!!

    I read you can also add sidebars in the footer. Is that an easier scenario??? 🙂

    Dear Bubulina,

    Pleasure is all mine to assist you. And yes you can add sidebars in footer by following this link:

    Easiness or hardness depends upon the user level. I see that you really want to change the look of your site, so you will do it no matter what.


    I am not a dev, but I can read and understand code as my job is IT related, so a dev might have done it in 15′ due to experience, it will take me a couple/few hours as I need to learn and understand as I progress, nevermind I need to search where the changes need to be applied. The biggest help is that I have an offline full copy of the site to play with, so I can change/tamper with whatever I please. Us users interacting, helping each other and exchanging ideas speeds up this process. Thank again for the help, and hope to talk again soon.


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