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  • Hi, I am using Woocommerce Version 3.0.7.

    I used a custom checkout form, with the fields “Name”, “Email address” and “Question”. The buyer has an option to pay by PayPal, and accepts the terms & conditions.

    When the buyer clicks “Proceed to PayPal”, the link redirects to and displays the error message “We’re sorry, things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.”

    Upon deeper checking of the error message, I find a knowledgeable at showing that failed validation checks were the cause of the error message from PayPal.

    I attempted to search the Woocommerce Payment hooks, views, and API calls sent to PayPal to trace the root of the problem to no avail.

    This error is recurrent in all my Woocommerce sites I am running (currently in development) with the latest version of both WordPress and Woocommerce.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance to solve this problem. Thank you for your kind assistance in advance!


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  • What are the differences between your custom checkout form and the default?

    Your custom form could be missing fields that are required for PayPal to create their checkout process

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    Hi James,

    I am currently running two Woocommerce sites, one with the default and one with the modified one. The field added into the modified one is “Question”, and all other fields other than “Name”, “Email Address” and “Contact” are hidden as the product on sale under the modified one is a virtual product.

    I have tested both Woocommerce sites and both display the exact same error sadly.

    Do you have your PayPal logging enabled in the WooCommerce > Checkout > PayPal settings?

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    Yes. The logs can be seen at Enter 17wpsp27 next to proceed.

    I think one of your servers is not sending all the product information over

    Specifically the item_number_1 => data
    Compared PayPal Args

    If the image doesn’t show – click here

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    Thanks for the detailed analysis! Have seen the image.

    If I would want to resolve the issue, could I seek your advice on where would be good to fix and send all product info over?

    Weirdly, PayPal Express Checkout is working perfect but Woocommerce’s PayPal Standard Checkout doesn’t work.

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