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    As the title says, on my “vehicles” page, only 9 vehicles show up (i’d love for all of my inventory to show on one page). On top of that I cannot get anything to come up on this page that would allow a customer to categorize my inventory (via make, model, type, or drivetrain). I did get it so if you click on one of the nine vehicles showing, it will bring up that specific vehicle and it’s details, on the side bar it THEN shows ways to search through all of my inventory. I want that to be accessible from my cars-for-sale page. I would love a response on how to make this possible. Thank you.

    my url to inventory:

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  • Hey eprunier, it would seem you have some serious theme issues going on. I am getting all sorts of PHP errors when I view your site.

    In regards to the search not showing up on the cars for sale page have you added the search widget to the sidebar?

    I have noticed the error as well and honestly I’m not sure how to combat that either. Would there be a way you are able to look into this to tell me how I might fix that.

    As for this second question, yes I have tried putting the widget in however all it does is add it in the vehicle screen itself. Meaning, when you are in the “vehicle” screen all it shows you is 9 vehicles. Once you click on one of them you will then see the options to search for other vehicles. I want it on the initial “vehicle screen”

    The other issue is that, it only shows 9 vehicles. Is there a way to show more than nine options on a page? Sorry for all the questions. If it is all based off of a theme issue I just have to find out how to amend that. However I have tried using “car demon styles”, however they aren’t working. It just stays exactly the same

    IT appears you have gotten some of this figured out. If you wouldn’t mine updating the thread so we know what needs support and what doesn’t we can assist your further.

    I did notice you have some CSS issues. You may want to add this to your CSS file.

    .inventory_btn {margin-top: 30px;}

    I will definitely have the site owner try that and let him know that this is what you suggested.

    What I did to resolve part of the issue was I completely disabled all of my plug ins, set everything to default and than enabled all of my plugins and reset a theme. However, that didn’t resolve all the error codes I still have them which I would love to resolve.

    I am also currently trying to find out a way to, real time, allow customers to select a drop down of a brand (such as chevrolet) and when they drop down to this option have the inventory omit every vehicle except the ones they actively want to look at.

    Currently I am trying to add the car demon inventory search into a side bar however if I add it to the sidebar nothing appears. If you select a vehicle THERE you can see a drop down search. However I want it on the main side bar of the “cars-for-sale” page, not in the vehicle information section.

    I replied to a similar request in the other thread. However I’ll repeat the information here. What you are trying to do is exactly what the Car Demon Advanced Search Plugin does. It is a commercial plugin but gives you the functionality you are looking for.

    You can achieve a similar effect by using other third party search plugins however they wouldn’t be designed specifically for CD and might have their own hurdles.

    If you want more information on what CarDemon can offer, shoot me an email at

    Hi all

    I used the plugin on a car theme but it makes one big mess off the layout???

    Need some help here.

    Hey crazygraphics! I’d be happy to help you out however we don’t want to make a mess of these forums. Would you mind emailing me your troubles at and I’ll get you straightened out. Thanks!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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