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  • I have set the following code in my php.ini file in the root folder of my WP install:

    memory_limit = 100M
    upload_max_filesize = 192M
    post_max_size = 100M
    file_uploads = On

    Yet I still cannot upload a 10MB video properly. I am using the Custom Field Template plugin and uploading the video through a file field.

    Other (smaller) videos upload fine, but with this one it is different. After hitting ‘Publish’ I then wait for a minute or two while the file is supposedly uploading, then once that is finished however it just takes me to the ‘Posts’ page.

    I have no idea why it’s taking me here, as I’m not even trying to upload the video to an ordinary post, it is supposed to be in a custom “Video” post.

    I assume that the problem is the size of the video, as the smaller ones upload with no problems.

    Also, I have noticed when adding an image to the Featured Image section of the post, it states the following:

    Maximum upload file size: 8MB

    But if I echo phpinfo() I can see that upload_max_filesize is actually set to 192M.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

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  • If you are on shared hosting, you are going to be stuck with 8mb, 16mb or 32mb. If it’s video I’d recommend a third party service to handle this for you so you can just use embed code. ( YouTube/Vimeo etc )

    My 2 cents.

    The other way would be to use FTP into a specific folder to dump the videos in there. Way outside what the CFT can do.

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