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  • Are you sure that Dreamweaver is saving the files as text?

    yes as php, if i delete a blank line, the same problem except the line mentionned in the error message is the one before

    The error message says the error is in wp-config.php at line 1. Please explain how the line is the one before if you delete a blank line. Where did you delete the blank line?

    no blank before the php balise or after at the end…
    i delete a blank line right before line 362 and then the error was said to be on line 361. but i then put back the original file.

    The error was detected on line 362, but it actually occurred long before that. Try looking at the wp-config.php file using notepad instead of Dreamweaver.

    wp config has been created by wordpress when i installed it, i just copied the text into a file named wp config
    what should i be looking for?
    thank you for helping ! 🙂

    If you cannot see the file in notepad, then it is not in the correct format. Try using notepad to create a new version of the file.

    sorry i just edited my answer, i can but for the files that are mentionned in the error message wp-login and pluggable i cannot read them, there’s no lines
    i cretaed wp-config from the text wordpress gave me after i entered my login and password, i just copied it in a blank php fie

    ‘wp-login’ and ‘pluggable’ are not the source of the problem. More than likely ‘wp-config.php’ is the source of the problem. Many times there are ‘invisible’ characters at the start of that file when the editor used to create/update it does not use ‘raw text’ format.

    Can you edit it in notepad?

    yes i can
    theres no space before <?php but at the end there’s no ?>
    could it be it ?
    when i opened the wp-login and pluggable there wasnt any either so i added it at the end

    I am not sure. It won’t hurt to add it.

    While you are editing it, press CTRL-Home and hit the backspace key several times. Then delete the first character of the line and re-type it before saving the file.

    How are you downloading and uploading the file? Using ftp?

    i created the wp config myself by editing the sample et renaming it
    otherwise i downloaded all the files from
    i use filezilla to upload
    thank you for your help, i try that !

    just did it, still the same error
    even before trying to log in, there’s these lines above :

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/ in /www/ on line 362

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/ in /www/ on line 374

    same message, but only half of it, it was already there the first time



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    output started at /www/

    What are you using to edit/create your wp-config.,php file? Whatever it is, stop using it! That’s what is creating your problems.

    notepad… i opened the wp-config sample that was in the wordpress folder and edit it by pasting the code wrodpress gave me and just save it as wp-config.php instead of sample
    what should i do, create a new php file and paste the code again ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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