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    I have not used the plugin for one or two months.
    At that time it worked.
    Now I started using it and I cannot make Tabs or accordeon amy more.
    Content for one tab is entered and when I enter content for second tab the content of first tab disappears.
    It looks a wonderful plugin if working.

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  • You still having this problem? I just had a similar problem. Tabs worked the day before and then didn’t work. Then they worked.

    I’d say check here and make sure your short code is correct.

    Or check your plugins. Maybe something else you updated or installed is messing with the Jquery.

    Here was my problem at the other support pages:


    I made a test site with theme twenty ten and only the wp-ui plug in .
    Nothing else.
    Still not working , as described by me before.
    Even the information of one tab is not displayed as a tab.

    With the minimum set up I continued my investigation.
    I always used the drop down menu from the editor,because there you get the option to select content .
    I went back to basic entered short code manually and then content.
    The wrap tabs I did with the drop down menu after this very user unfriendly way it worked.
    For me it looks like a problem in the back-end .

    Next step with the dropdown menu:
    Internet explorer 9 works reasonable with editor used in HTML mode.
    Firefox works with editor in WYSIWYG mode.
    I went back to my site with all plugins activated and then the page showed
    all information in one tab and other tabs were empty.
    I search for the plugin that is causing the problem.
    The plugin Visual Form Builder Pro version 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 are causing the problem.
    Going back to version VFB 1.8 and everything works OK.
    But my comment with only one plugin WP-UI activated still doesnot work in the backend as I was used to.

    Yeah I heard it has problems with VFB. I try and skip on the dropdown menu and just do the coding personally.

    I entered the shortcode by hand as I wrote before and the conflict with VFB 1.9 is still there.
    Only after downgrading VFB to 1.8 the WP-UI worked again.
    Using drop down menu is another issue.

    Yeah its something with VFB & WP UI. I’ve seen others are having the same problem. I don’t use VFB and not experienced with it so I can’t help you there sorry.

    I have reported this issue to the plugin provider of VFB because the conflict starts after an upgrade of VFB.

    Good luck. As a last option you could always muck around with the WP UI settings under settings.

    I know under the advanced tab WP UI has several check boxes relating to loading JQuery. Not sure if any of them can help in this situation but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    I have tried the options under the advanced tab before, but nevertheless I tried it again, but no luck up to now.
    I have build already quite a number of forms and luckily I was only in the testfase with the WP-UI, but I like the possibilities of WP-UI.
    Up to now no reaction from VFB forum.

    I got the feedback from VFB Forum that the problem most likely is incompatible jQuery.
    I have another site there the problem did not occur.
    By comparing all the settings I found that I used in one situation a CSS style theme ( in this case conflicting with VFB) and in the other site I used a JQuery Theme , in this case VFB and WP-UI gives no conflict.
    So this topic can be closed

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