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  • I am using Divi and the Divi Builder to create a product site. The product site has a Documentation section. Each topic in the Documentation is implemented as a WordPress page. Each page includes a navigation, the body of information and a search form. The navigation and search form are implemented as Divi Global modules, which get inserted on every page.

    Relevanssi keeps picking up the content in the navigation tree as valid page content. Since the navigation is inserted on EVERY page, this completely futilizes the search feature.

    I tried to remove the navigation; rebuilt the index; deactivated and reactivated the Relevanssi plugin. NO LUCK. Relevanssi keeps bringing results with excerpts of the navigation tree, despite the fact the THE CONTENT IS NOT THERE ANYMORE. I even manually emptied the “relevanssi” table; as soon as I rebuilt the index, the “phantom” content was back.

    I do not recommend this plugin. It wasted a lot of my time and effort.

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  • Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Of course Relevanssi picks up the navigation: it’s in the post content and by default, the expected behaviour is that Relevanssi indexes everything in the post content. Anything else would be considered a failure by most users.

    Now, this becomes a problem when things are stored in post content that aren’t post content. However, this is a problem that can be solved: Relevanssi can be made not to index the navigation part of the post content. Relevanssi gives you full control over what is indexed from your posts, and it’s fairly simple to create a filter function that will remove the unwanted parts of the posts before Relevanssi sees them.

    Too bad this didn’t work out for you; fortunately there are other search solutions as well. Most of them are going to bump into this same problem, since most of them work the way Relevanssi does, but perhaps some will work better for you.

    For anybody else reading this: this issue with the navigation being indexed is not a big problem, but something that can be fixed by few lines of code. I answer ALL support requests on the forums: there’s no need to struggle with this alone and waste a lot of time, when you can just drop a support request on the forums and get help.

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