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  • If I do manage to get logged in, I cannot log out of my sites. I just get a “Connection Reset” error from the browser. If I do manage to get logged out, then I cannot log in any more because I get a “Connection Reset” error.

    One by one, all of my sites are falling prey to this problem.

    PLEASE – Help! What’s the solution?

    Browser history/cache/cookies has been completely cleared. No help there.

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  • jack randall


    is it just the wordpress sites? sounds like a browser cookie issue…

    Yes, it’s just the wordpress sites. Everything else (the reset of the web) seems fine. As I mentioned, the browser history/cache/cookies was dumped.

    What I didn’t say is that it doesn’t matter what browser. Firefox 5, Chrome, and IE are all throwing Connection Reset errors. All sites are fully operational from the public facing side.

    I have been fighting this off and on for quite a while – over probably the last two wordpress updates. It can be intermittent, but it seems to be getting worse. Today it has seemed entirely unbearable and unrelenting. All sites are balking at any attempt to log in or out.

    jack randall


    have you been in touch with your hosts? it may be that some part of their server configuration isn’t right for operating wordpress…

    They will not troubleshoot wordpress problems, other than to refer the user to wordpress for analysis of the situation. This is typical of all hosting companies who do not have the resources to troubleshoot 5000 users all complaining about every piece of website software under the sun.

    They meet/exceed the minimum PHP and MySQL requirements for wordpress 3.2.1 and beyond that, they are not going to lift a finger.

    If anyone can point me to specific php.ini requirements / recommendations, I can at least look at and adjust those settings without going through the hosting company’s support team.

    All I do know in that regard is that gzip compression is not the culprit as is commonly suggested. I’ve tried both on and off without any change in the symptoms. Also, the server error logs are not catching anything, so apparently it’s not a script error, per se.

    I am getting the same error here when using aMember’s WordPress login plugin.

    jack randall


    if you’re getting the connection reset error when using aMember then stop using it… fin out if your wordpress install version is compatible with the version of amember you’re using.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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