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  • I cannot login to my admin on my laptop only using explorer and FF, other computers are fine.

    Each time I get the login screen then after the corect login I am redirected back to a blank login screen.

    Also cannot access support forums as the same thing happens.

    I have tried reinstalling FF, without virus software, clearing cookies, cache and basically anything.

    I am hosted with Smartyhost and they have just upgraded to the latest available version of WP

    Any Help Pls!

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  • Have javascript enabled?

    Yes, all enabled.

    But cookies are different on other computers to this one?

    If you’ve blocked the cookie requiered for the page just delete all cookies and start again… that should do it

    I have cleared absolutely everything but the same cookie keeps being reset.

    I have accept all cookies enabled.

    for the time being, try switching browsers and see if that works? Maybe you blocked that site?

    Tried IE and the same thing is happening.

    I’m having the same issue, except; I am able to login when using FF but not with IE 6 or IE 7beta3. When I login using the URL directly to the blog, all is fine. When I attempt to login with the version I have installed to my website, it keeps cycling through the login screen (in IE that is..FF works)

    And I have this same problem with MY laptop only, in ALL browsers I’ve tried (FF, IE, and Opera whatever the latest beta number is, as well as Opera 7). I have all browsers set to accept all cookies; I have the allowed sites set to accept, and my own sites I need to access on the road.

    It’s very weird. It would be nice to get it fixed eventually….

    What brand Lap are you using?

    e-Machines 5405….

    I run Dell Lat so its may not be related to that, but it is very annoying seeing as this is my main access!!

    I don’t think it’s laptop and/or brand specific – this is fairly recent on mine; it was fine in May, it’s not fine now. ALL the browsers were fine in May, they’re all not fine now, and the only one with a version change is FF.

    I dunno…. it’s a puzzle.

    That seams to be the case with me, almost positive it was when the latest version of FF was released.

    I’ve tried uninstalling FF and reloading an earlier version but to no avail.

    Funnily enough the new options terminal keeps reappearing even after this reinstall.

    so no fix????

    Nope – even doing a clean install/profile of an older version of FF didn’t work. And in any case, in May I had I think, which was working fine. And all of them have worked fine on my desktop.

    I don’t think it’s a FF issue, either, since all the browsers do it on mine, no matter what settings I use for cookies, privacy, etc. In fact, I set all of that so loose I didn’t even want to hit the net with IE!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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