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  • Same is the case with bbpress..

    If i click the login on top does not recognize my user id password.
    And If I click register, it sends me to wordpress
    and wordpress says you are already logged in , why do you want to register

    Some other people have reported the same issue – I’ll see if I can drum up someone to help you with it.

    Thanks a lot for looking into my issue

    You mean logging in to and

    Yes … Right now I am logged into WordPress.
    In the bottom of this page, in the footer is Buddypress Social Layer and bbpress forums hyperlink.

    If I click any of those links, I would expect to enter into those websites without the need to log in.
    but thats not what happens.
    If I press the link, Buddypress does not recognize me and says Anonymous on the top.

    If I try to then sign in, it throws out a WordPress login box, which dances saying wrong password and I have to change my password and the loop continues and I end up back into

    Delete all your cookies for, and – then try again.

    Moderator John James Jacoby


    Hi there linknp,

    It’s hard to say if your password is the problem, since you’ve changed it from a few times. (I get emails when it happens.)

    Can you try:

    • Change your password here at
    • Clear your cookies for and
    • Try logging to either or from /login

    This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but I’ve successfully logged in from several accounts, several major browsers, with varying roles at both sites. I know several people are having issues, and I’d like to figure them out ASAP.

    Let me know how the above steps go for you.

    This problem Still exists .. I cleared all my brower cookies etc 🙁

    Argg.. Very frustrating .. I have installed Buddypress and I want to post a query in the buddypress forum ,but I just cannot reach there .. what could the issue be I wonder ..

    @linkinp In the meantime, please post at and tag it BuddyPress

    Sorry that I have to restart this issue. But it still continues to be as is.
    I can log into wordpress but not buddy press to post to support forum

    @linkinp Sorry to learn that you’re still experiencing the same issue. Just to be clear, since you mentioned you could not log into BuddyPress above, does this mean you can log into now?

    linkinp is listed as user/Participant with no impediments as far as I can see in the Admin panel. Do you still have the same gmail address?

    Isn’t this wonderful. I can log in to BuddyPress now with my same WordPress password. I have been trying to do this for a looong time and with no success. But last night I cleared all my cache as always and tried. It did not work. I was able to login to WordPress but not BuddyPress. So finally I gave up. And this morning, some how using the same WordPress password worked on Buddypress too.

    I am afraid to change my password now in WordPress or Buddypress now. so will not do that till I am fairly comfortable.

    Thank you all for all your awesome work and time dedication in this issue, in this community, in this plugin and in giving the world such a wonderful addition.

    @linkinp Congratulations! Glad you can finally log into BuddyPress now 🙂
    Marking this topic as resolved.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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