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  • If you change your password for your database, you need to also change the password to the same in your WP config.php file. Do those passwords match? If not, you will be locked out of your admin dashboard for WP.

    I meant that I changed my admin account’s password through phpmyadmin. Hope that it is clear now

    If you’re referring to your WP admin account, that’s generally changed from your WP dashboard in the profile area, but are you saying that you could no longer get to your admin dashboard? If not, is there any chance someone hacked into your account and changed the password? If there is a chance that may have occurred did you look for any roque users in your database? Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get back to your admin dashboard.

    Nope, didn’t change anything on my database, just deteled certain plugins i don’t want to use anymore. since my host said plugins drain a lot of power and uses alot the less the better

    pics are in order so you can see what goes on
    I click on “DASHBOARD” link to go to the dashboard

    Also, I cleared the cache cookies and whatever still doesn’t work. I bet you its because maybe of a plugin?

    My guess is that when you deleted some of the plugins, there are still some of the codes in the database, and/or one of the plugins possibly left some files somewhere else on your site, outside of the plugin folder. Did you also temporarily disable your WP cache and then re-activate it?

    This is what I have

    Also, I deleted under plugins
    fancy-box… which i just re installed again now some of the things don’t popup as over lays grr

    Mass Mail
    PHP Code Widget
    Twitter Widget

    Why did you just hijack my thread? and yes I cannot login to my admin panel so I can’t edit anything. I also tried doing a password reset through email but the new password does not work either

    Maybe you’ll have to reinstall admin files? But again, did you check to make sure you don’t have any rogue users in your database with admin access, that may have changed your password? Also try to revert back to the WP default theme from your ftp.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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