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    hello. i recently changed webhosts. on my former host i had a few wordpress blogs running without issue. i’m trying to install a new blog on my new host, and having a problem. installation seems to go ok, but i cannot login. when i enter the username and password correctly the login page just seems to refresh.

    i talked to the host’s tech support about this and they say they can login. they proved it by changing the admin password.

    i’m confused.

    the site is
    u: admin p: password

    can you get in? why can’t i? any help any of you could provide would be most appreciated. thanks for your time.

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  • Works for me.. I’m in the dashboard.. whee!

    Howdy, heather. [Sign Out, My Account


    haha ok cool. i’m glad it actually works. now, why can’t i get in? any ideas? tech support told me to clear my cookies which i did. no dice. any othe rsuggestions?

    btw this is heather:

    please help the hot redhead get a blog!

    Eeek! Hot? Umm.. ok… =P Nah, just kidding.. Umm, not sure man.. what browser you using?


    just tried it upstairs on a different computer and it works. hmm….i’m using firefox 2 but i’ve also tried ie from this machine no luck. could zone alarm keep me out?

    I’d shut the Zone Alarm down once.. I logged in, using Firefox.. and don’t have Zone Alarm.. so, maybe try killing that once, see what happens. 😉


    ok, i had to uncheck ‘block 3rd party cookies’ to get in. all is well. thanks spencer.

    btw she is hot. haha.

    Oh ok. Can ya change the “status” of this to [Resolved] now, or..?

    btw she is hot. haha.

    Hahaha.. Ok!.. Give her a BIG WET kiss from me then.. k? LoL! =P (Just kidding of course!)


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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