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    After installing WP I got the screen telling me it installed correctly but when I try to go to the login page, I just get a blank browser window. I also tried going to %directory%/wp-login.php and got the same thing.

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  • go to :

    click on Re-install Now


    I installed my wordpress using godaddy. I was working on my theme and other items using wordpress. My home page was reading 404 error, so I went in to change my home page url in General setting on the left side bar links to read

    I am locked out of everything now. Even my admin URL doesn’t let me in to my dashboard. Please,can anyone help me? This is my first time using wordpress!


    @reydawg: It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s thread. Please post a new topic.

    @rmckibben: Site url?

    Ok. I will do so. Sorry, I am new to Forum etiquette!

    gothic: I went there and got the same thing. It seems like any page besides the index.php shows up blank.

    esmi: The site url is

    Try re-uploading all files & folders from a fresh download of WordPress.

    Tried a completely clean install… no dice. Since the webhost has the option to install an older version, I tried a clean install of that as well. Same thing. I’m thinking this is a problem with the host so I will contact them and get back with you.

    Any other suggestions however are definitely appreciated. 🙂

    I got it!!!

    When I installed WP, it installed to the long url that my domain is redirected to. So the WP login page is something like

    Thanks for everybody’s help!

    Hey guys please help me. My site suddenly can not open! Its
    All it does is load and load and load! someone please help. It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s thread. Please post a new topic.

    rmckibben the same thing is happening to me. I just installed wordpress but when I follow the link to the admin page I just get a blank screen. I think it might be the same problem. I tried the solution that gothic offered and got another blank screen. How did you find out the address of the domain your domain is redirected to?

    I mean how did you work out what was the long wordpress login page?

    For some reason when I installed wordpress it installed on the “default” site that my domain host gave me when I signed up. So in my email I saw that instead of it was going to that long strange site name. So I just redirected so that site name and it is an up and running wordpress site when people go to

    which email did you see that in? Was it in the email sent from wordpress when you created your account? My email from wordpress just shows a link to the admin panel and my login details.

    Yes the one from WP. That link should be to your front page. Then you can login to WP by using the login link on the bottom right. Or go to the being whatever your domain name is and what folder WP is installed in. Can you tell us what website?

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