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    Have you checked that the wp-login.php still exists via FTP?

    As far as I can tell all the files are still there.

    I think ../wp-admin/ is interpreted as another page and since a page with that name does not exist I get a 404 error.

    What file specifies the admin directory? Maybe that has been changed.

    I suspect this site has been hacked specifically to disable the admin interface.

    can you post the URL ?

    1. check your index.php @ root and see where it redirects to
    2. check your .httaccess
    3. have you changed the general config for blog URL and WordPress URL at any time ?

    Have the same error. I have posts on the blog, but haven’t been able to log in for a long time. gives me a 404 error Same with using which I’ve seen suggested on the forums

    I don’t know where to start trouble shooting. I’m getting the idea to start in wp-config.php. If so, what am I looking to find?

    I could no longer log in to my wp-login.php panel. No error messages whatsoever only a blank window will appear. Is this a hosting problem or a problem within wordpress?

    My url is

    @ d3madmin #
    i am affraid this is not only the login, at the time I visited your site, it was ALL blank … (but maybe it was some error on my side)

    @ radioray1025

    start by verifying the integrity of ALL your wp installation. (maybe even re-upload all the files, caution with wp-config.php and content files=)
    than check your .htaccess , check again your login.php, and the redirects….

    I’m still in limbo buddy up to now.Godaddy support staff haven’t resolved the issue til now. They recommended rolling back to previuos WP version then re-installing the latest version but it’s not working when I’ve implemented it. Where could I find the wp-config.php? What directory could it be found in the file manager?

    It’s not an error on your side. Its precisely the blank site you can see when you will try to view my site. One thing I have noticed, Google has still access and have downloaded my sitemap successfully recently. This means the bots could still reach my site but human visitors could not see it.

    how about checking your themes ?

    What particular file in the themes that I would check? What will I’ll be checking for?

    check if it is here, if there is a file called style.css, if your index is there ..
    It looks like your system can not find the theme,,

    Thanks for your ideas buddy. The problem has been resolved already. I got my site back when I deleted all the themes I’ve installed before the problem cropped up.

    I successfully installed WPMU, then realized that W-Hive was a better option. Successfully uninstalled WPMU, but I now cannot login to my wordpress admin panel at all. Error 404 entirely. Is the installation/uninstallation of WPMU creating this problem? If so, please help:

    I just built a new blog which is host at 000webhost(free hosting) and I uploaded wordpress successfully. But after I have updated my profile in wordpress and I changed the the general config for blog URL and WordPress URL . but I rechanged it to the original. When I submit save changes , it automatically directs to the page and I cann’t log in and edit my blog anymore until now . How can I solve this problem? Please , help me 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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