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  • for some reason whenever I log into b2login.php, it just goes back to the login page, no errors or other indications.
    I’ve read the b2 forums @ and nothing posted there seems to apply.
    b2 worked fine, it does not seem to be IE6 related, index.php loads fine.
    any ideas ? very much appreciated!

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  • I had a problem too, till I realized that the login is now in the wp-admin folder. wp-admin/b2login.php

    thanks, my b2login is in the root folder, moving it had no effect other than an error about /usr/share/pear…

    go to http://YOUSITE.COM/b2login.php?action=logout then try logging in again.
    might work, might not.

    Thanks, it didn’t same…just reloads b2login.php with either the admin account or the other account I registered
    I switched browsers, cleared cookies etc…
    could it be a permissions issue ?
    it appears permissions are set to 644 except which is 666.

    Dave, I didn’t move my b2login.php, there are two. Did you try the path that I mentioned?

    I am having the same issue with a clean install. I tried the suggestions listed here (there was no b2login.php in the wp-admin folder, however).
    Any more suggestions?

    I think, when downloading WordPress, there is no b2-login.php in our /wp-admin/
    So, when we want to login, we use the b2login.php in our WP files .. it will be
    BUT, after login, we will directly go to /wp-admin/ where all admin area scripts resides…

    has anyone that experienced this found a fix ? b2 works great but still get the perpetual login screen with wordpress.

    I’m having this same issue myself. It’s funny that none of the developers have posted in this thread.

    You are right Joshua, none of the devlopers have posted in this thread. Until now.
    A couple of points first:
    There is only one b2login.php and it resides in the wordpress directory.
    It requires cookies .
    I’m not sure what the problem is. Unfortunately the page sets an error message but then redirects which loses the error!
    Thomas is correct when he says that after a successful login you are redirected to wp-admin/b2edit.php
    Do the other parts of the blog work?
    Can you display the home page index.php?
    If you try to go directly to wp-admin/b2edit.php what does that do?
    I hope we can get to the bottom of this.

    >If you try to go directly to wp-admin/b2edit.php what does that do?
    leads me right back to /b2login.php
    as does everything…what am I missing here? 🙂

    >Do the other parts of the blog work?
    yes, index.php loads
    give my install a try if you would like @

    When I’m trying to login, this error appears. What can I do to solve it!
    Fatal error: Failed opening required ‘’ (include_path=”) in /host/a/s/s/p/o/r/ on line 3

    Sorry the last post was mine, i did’nt have registered!
    now i’ve!

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    See this.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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