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  1. Madeline
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I've had WP installed for a week and a bit now and it has been working fine (I've also used WP before). When I used to go to wp-login.php it would automatically have me logged in and it was fine. Yesterday when I was trying to post I accidently hit Logout and it logged me out so I tried to log back in again with my information (Username: Madeline and Password) and it didn't work. So I went to the 'Lost Password' page and filled in my username and email and it said it didn't match but I KNOW that username is correct because I used the Back button to the page I was at before I logged out and it said that Madeline was the username and I had changed it to Madeline as soon as I installed WP. I had also filled in my email in the profile and it still doesn't match. Everytime I try to login it directs me back to the login page. I am using IE but I tried in Mozilla and the same thing happens. How do I fix this?

    The login page is http://mystery-train.org/wp-login.php/

  2. Try these possible fixes first:

    P.S. Once you log in, you are planning to change the "Powered by
    Movable Type 3.0D" tag on your index, right?

  3. Madeline
    Posted 10 years ago #


    And the main page is being powered by Moveable Type right now because I had it installed and so I just put that up for now untill I can get wordpress to work.

  4. Madeline
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Oh, the PHPMyAdmin way worked, thank you very much :)

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